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When you pick Centurion there is no bad choice, but there are differences that will maximize your enjoyment. Knowing that exceptional performance is a given, your first decision is luxury utility or high-end sports model? The Ri Series offers high performance wrapped in a luxurious family boat. The Ri Series challenges skill levels from beginner to world champion while impressing even the most discriminating tastes. Our engineers have taken the Ri230, Ri245 and Ri265, coming in at 23, 24.5 and 26.5 feet in length respectively, and strategically innovated these dominating wake machines, down to the smallest detail. They contradict expectations because not only do they create the world’s best waves, wakes and ride, but they do it while consuming less fuel and operating with a level running attitude at low noise levels. We say they embody revolution innovated (Ri) because they represent a new level of all-round excellence.


In contrast, our Fi series are purpose-built boats designed with wake making at the top of the list. They are thoroughbred sports boats through and through and their purpose is clear even on a trailer. Everything about an Fi is designed with performance front and center. That’s not to say they don’t include a boatload of benefits that make your life better, rather that the Fi makes no apologies for its singular purpose. These boats are not trying to be like any other boat on the market. Just like race cars designed for speed and traction, the Fi Series are designed to deliver what you need on the water. The wide-bow, sleek stature and aggressive body lines leave no doubt that the Fi Series is built for high performance wake sports, but the thoughtful features and options provide unmatched benefit to the user. The Fi23 and Fi25 are designed for high performance purposes, but they are also “benefit built” for our family of Centurions owners specifically.

Series Options

Decisions. Decisions.

We have options for you to consider.

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The Fi23 was impressive. The wave was better than previous and the interior was eye popping. The fit, finish, depth, attention to detail has brought it so close to that of the Ri. Janelle and I were blown away. The new ergonomics and attention to small detail has made a world of difference. There had previously been a natural progression from the Fi to the Ri. Now these lines are quite blurred.

–Rob Harrington
Wakesurf boat.


Pick one that fits.

When deciding what size boat you need it’s good to take a practical approach.

Where will you store it? How much room do you have for a boat on a trailer? How many people do you want to take out when you hit the water and how much gear will you need to take along? Do you drive long distances and need more fuel capacity? Do you stay out all day or make frequent return trips? (This might help you decide how much cooler space you require.) Imagine your ideal day on the water and start from there. Centurion offers options from the sleek Fi23 and slightly longer Fi25 (23 and 25 feet), to the fuller Ri Series in the Ri230, Ri245 and Ri265, (23, 24.5 and 26.5 feet in length respectively). It should be easy to determine which one works best for you. If we were to leave you with one last insight, it would be no one ever says they wish they had chosen the smaller Centurion.


Make room for everyone.

We’re not a one-size-fits-all kind of company, so we offer multiple options to design your one-of-a-kind boat.

Seating configuration is an important one. We offer five models each with unique interior configurations and a variety of customization. Once you know what model’s interior is right for you, customizing it should be a breeze. You already know how many people you like to take with you and how long you like to stay on the water. With seating capacity of 14 to 16 up to the luxurious Yacht Certified design of the Ri265, our interiors work for every style and need.

Go subtle or bold with your interior colors and textures, whatever reflects your personality. Add versatile slide seating with an available table and reversible lean backs or opt for flip-up stadium seating. Do you spend all day on the water? Make sure you have a large capacity in-floor ice chest. Love your tunes? Choose a Wet Sounds or Roswell sound system.