From the moment you place your order, our team begins the focused handcrafting that creates the boat you want. From designing the custom GatorStep, mixing the custom colors, to applying the gel coat, to laying the resin-soaked engineered fiberglass that strengthens the hull, each of our team members has a distinct, hands-on role in making your boat. We don’t have automated systems. We have talented and experienced crafts people who are proud of the work they do. They treat each boat as if they were building it for themselves.

That’s why it takes 10 working days to build one boat. Speed isn’t the priority – quality is. Each boat is inspected along the way to make sure it meets our quality standards. It’s not unusual to find several generations from one family working in a specific area of our process. When you do good work and you take pride in what you do, why not pass on that knowledge to the next generation? That sort of institutional knowledge speaks to the value of what you get when you order a custom boat from Centurion.

Once the custom gel coat colors are sprayed, backed by layers of engineered fiberglass cloth, and strengthened with the stringer system, your Centurion is pulled from its mold, revealing your custom design. Our craftspeople then progress the build to a finished product that meets your specifications. The hull is flipped over for access to the Opti-V running surface so the laser-aligned underwater gear, like the rudder, prop shaft, and the tracking fin or the available Centurion Articulating Tracking System (CATS) can be installed. Next the pumped ballast pick-up through-holes and the optional RAMFILL2 scoop is installed.

Then your boat is flipped back over and headed for artisan assembly to receive a perfectly balanced 6-point mounted Pleasure Craft Marine Engine and available RAMFILL2 stainless steel fill and drain 2” ball valves. Simultaneously, your Roswell Tower is assembled for aluminum-backed through-bolted installation. During a factory tour you would see caring people intensely focused on their role. Unlike car manufacturers who stamp out the same product through automated systems, the boats we build reflect our dedication to customization and quality craftsmanship. There are real people behind your boat. They want it to be exactly what you imagined and more. They check and double check their work. They set high expectations for themselves. Customers are like family. They want you to be pleased.

We invite all our buyers to schedule a factory tour. It’s an opportunity to experience first-hand the extraordinary craftsmanship that goes into every boat we build and to see the people who skillfully assemble your custom boat. You will see our crafts people approach each job with focus and purpose. No part of the process is too small for dedicated focus, and every person wants your boat to exceed your expectations. From bonding the deck and hull to installing custom built upholstery, every detail is double checked and tested before it moves to the next phase of production. Our family of employees take great pride in the job they do, and they enjoy their work. There is satisfaction in a job well done and this will be evident when you lay your eyes on your finished boat for the first time because when people are skilled and enjoy their work they produce better products. There are many eyes on your boat as it works its way to completion. And even though it is double and triple-checked through each step of the process, before you get the keys it will be thoroughly inspected one last time. All systems will be tested, specifications will be compared to your order to confirm everything is as you requested, and when every single thing checks out – and not before – your dream boat will be ready for you. And we can hardly wait to hear how you like it.