2024 Ri245

Uncompromising Luxury and performance combined

The Ri245 is for people who don’t want to compromise between luxury and performance. It delivers both in a 24-foot 5-inch wake surf boat with a long, pushy wave and smooth rough water ride.


A foot and a half longer than the industry standard for a luxury performance boat, the Ri245 still delivers 50% better fuel efficiency thanks to the Opti-V hull. With a versatile interior that holds up to 16 people and up to 5650 pounds of displacement in up to seven precisely placed ballast locations, this boat compromises neither performance nor comfort.


Opti-V Hull

With its 20 degrees of deadrise at the transom, the Opti-V hull displaces more water, with less weight, while preserving a great rough water ride. Due to its efficiency, the Opti-V Hull enhances fuel economy and provides a much quieter ride than most boats delivering this type of power. With hook at the transom that helps it push out long, smooth waves and wakes, this hull offers a level riding surface, even in rough water. The seated driver can see over the bow seats while pulling a rider without compromising the waves or wakes thanks to a level running attitude. The hull also deflects rollers so rough water can’t spoil your fun. It’s clear the Opti-V Hull delivers the best waves, wakes and ride - in all conditions.

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The Ri245 comes with as many as seven precisely placed ballast locations that, when combined, create 5650-pounds of ballast. But large ballast capacity isn’t the complete story. We do ballast a little differently by distributing it evenly throughout the boat. This even distribution displaces weight along the entire running surface of this 24-foot six inch performance machine, resulting in a longer wave and a balanced running attitude, front to back, with virtually no bow rise to distract the driver. This is the kind of thing we believe makes a huge difference in your experience.

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Fuel Efficiency

We love the fact that Centurion offers more than 50% better fuel efficiency than any other water sports boat out there. After all, better fuel efficiency means more time on the water and a less expensive ride for you. You don’t have to take our word for it – the Ri245 offers real time trip and fuel consumption data – a first for performance surf boats. How can we be so much more fuel efficient? It’s the design. Centurion’s Opti-V may be a modified deep-v hull designed to maximize displacement, but the running surface has a lot of lift built into it. This eliminates drag and creates balance for less resistance, meaning the engine doesn’t have to work as hard to push a Centurion through the water whether it is weighted to ride or set-up for a cruise.

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We have a nickname for the available RAMFILL² ballast system. We call it the “Baller.” It’s a nearly maintenance free system that offers 2750 pounds – plus of ballast capacity that fills in 90 seconds. With its four stainless steel two-inch valves (two in two out) bolted through to the flanges, anything plastic is eliminated. The large sub-floor tanks extend from the helm to the transom on each side of the lounge. This just adds to the well-distributed ballast placement and helps create longer waves with consistent push from the face to the curl crash. Baller, indeed.

DropZone Tower

The aggressive DropZone Auto Tower folds up quickly and smoothly at the push of a button. Custom made for Centurion by Roswell the DropZone comes standard on the Ri230. The DropZone tower folds down, thanks to its two electric linear actuators, in just 14 seconds and opens back up in a mere 17 seconds, insuring you waste no prep time before you ride. The DropZone has built-in Bluetooth capabilities with choice of stereo option, offers both regular and goofy side tow points and Centurion-branded hangers in the center that are ideal for organizing ropes or drying vests and towels. Optional Centurion exclusive BombShell 2.0 Strapless Swivel Racks have an adjustable clamping shell design padded in R-Flex Suspension Technology to cushion a secured board up to 23 inches wide.

Long on Luxury and Performance, The Ri245 delivers without compromise


Capacity for 16 people, 5650 pounds of available ballast, and a foot and a half longer than the industry standard luxury performance boat, the Centurion Ri245 exceeds expectations for those seeking a great surf and wake boat that doesn’t cheat on comfort. The Centurion Ri245 is built on the Opti-V hull and offers both better fuel efficiency and a smooth, rough water drive. With its evenly distributed ballast and touch control system, it’s easy to quickly deploy smooth wakes to your specifications. Performance isn’t sacrificed for luxury in this twenty-four-and-a-half-foot surf boat. The DropZone tower has built-in Bluetooth capability with choice of stereo option, comes standard with the Ri series and can be customized with integrated sound option. It folds up with the touch of a button. With the Touch Revo side by side 12” by 12” HD dash system drivers can easily control everything at once and even watch trip data and fuel consumption in real time.







Fuel Capacity

89 gal


5700 lbs

Weight on Trailer

7300 lbs

Seating Capacity

16 People

STD Torque

400 ft/lb

Max Torque

465 ft/lb

Total Available

5650 lbs

Bow Ballast Tank

450 lbs

Optional Bow Ballast*

500 lbs

Optional Rear Ballast*

1500 lbs

Optional Transom Ballast

450 lbs

Sub-Floor Pumped Ballast

2750 lbs

*Optional plug and play ballast

Overall Length

31' 1"

Length w/out Platform


Length w/out Platform, Tongue Swung


Trailer Width


Height w/out Tower


Height, 18" Wheel Package (Add)


Height w/ Predator Power Tower


Height w/ Predator Power Tower Down


Height w/ DropZone Tower


Height w/ DropZone Tower Down


Height w/ Battle Advanced Tower

Height w/ Battle Advanced Tower Down

Model Shown: Drive Scheme | Hull Main Front: Red Metal Flake | Hull Accent: Blue Steel Metal Flake | Hull Base: White Frost | Swim Step: Red Metal Flake | Tower | DropZone Auto Tower (White) | Tower Accent: Blue Steel Metal Flake | Tower Accent Two-Tone: Red | Colored PTM Vents Designators & A-Pillars: White Frost | Interior | Hex Accent Scheme | Main: Stone Grey | Base: Whisper Grey | Accent: Too Red | Accent 2: Charcoal | Welt: Charcoal | Stitching Accent: Red | Dash Accent: Stone Grey | Dash Stitching: Red | Interior Side Panel: Red Metal Flake | Gator Step: 3-Color Salute to Service Cut w/ Laser Woodgrain | 1st Color Top: Shark Fin | 2nd Color Middle: Cardinal | 3rd Color Bottom: Silver Cloud

Fineline Industries LLC reserves the right to change model specifications, standard and optional equipment, color schemes and pricing at any time without notice or incurring obligations. It is the Dealer’s responsibility to adhere to all State and Local regulations and laws governing minimum requirements needed on each boat, such as trailer brakes, kill switches and other safety equipment.


Our Ri Series takes the performance we’re known for and wraps it in a luxury package. These models are suitable for both the one-upmanship competitiveness of professionals as well as the relaxed and comfy casualness of weekenders and beginning wake sports enthusiasts.


Our hand-built custom boats take 10 working days to complete and are inspected each step along the way. Every time we build a boat, we approach it as if it were for a family member, because once you own a Centurion you are part of our family. Our craftsmen take pride in what they build and strive to give you the best possible experience on the water. The features included in our Ri Series reflect this dedication to craft, and to our deep understanding of what enhances your experience.

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Touch Revo HD

All our Centurion 2024 Ri models have the Revo Side by Side 12” x 12” Touch Vision HD Dash, which has graphical control over nearly every boat system. You could call it the brains of the boat. It offers an Inspection Mode to toggle-off Auto Drain for ease of inspection at Aquatic Invasive Species (AIS) checkpoints. It can easily control the optional QuickSurf Pro, as many as seven independent ballast areas including RAMFILL², all lighting functionality, including optional RGB control, Wet Sounds Stereo volume control and even GPS mapping. The right screen display changes with these menu options, while the left display remains constant with instant access to ZeroOff speed control, engine RPM, the ROV’s bow and stern cameras plus real time trip and fuel data.

Range of View

The left side of the Ri Series standard Revo Dash is occupied by Centurion’s Range of View (ROV) System. This 12-inch Revo touch screen lets you toggle between the bow and stern camera while overlaying real-time fuel usage data. This useful information is offered exclusively through the Centurion ROV system and won’t be found on other boats. With the bow and stern cameras, drivers can see clearly at water level in front of the bow as well as behind the boat when backing up. This signature Centurion functionality gives the driver a range of views without forcing them to change seats or stand up, adding a level of safety not previously seen in water sports tow boats.


Inside the Ri245 is a PCM engine that is 100% freshwater cooled. This means easy winterization and longevity for the owner. The ZZ5 5.3L GM engine yanks riders up with 400 lb-ft of torque thanks to Centurion’s PowerPull System that combines a specially matched gear reduction with a 4-blade 17” x 15.5” prop. The ZZ5 engine is another example of a Centurion Ri245 system that is a revolution innovated for wake surfing.


New for 2024, the Ri245 offers a stitching accent available in seven different GoreTenera thread colors. Also new, the Battery Management System with PDM Reset Panel has three Wireless Lay-flat Phone Chargers (one in the glovebox and two side panel cup holders) and a Wireless Clamping Phone Charger at the dash. Passengers have more options than ever and with room for 15 in the Ri245 that comes in handy. Gear can be stowed beneath hinged, shocked lounge seats, trash can be put in the new Walkthrough Trash Shoot on the port side or the trash bin on the driver’s side rear-facing lean back. Seating layout can be customized with an optional flip-up lean back on the passengers’ side, as well as standard four-position slide seat with optional plug-in lean backs that can face forward or back. Ratchet hinged Flip Up Transom Stadium Seats lay flat to make a comfy sun pad when stowed.


Centurion builds custom boats and that is particularly noticeable on the exterior. It’s not just the deep lines and lustrous finish. The Ri245 offers four different gel coat schemes as well as the choice to put two different colors of metal flake next to each other. You can truly customize the exterior, with as many as 37 different gel coat colors and as many as six different areas on the exterior of the boat – making millions of unique color combinations possible. Your boat can be one of a kind and reflect who you are. For 2024 Centurion is offering four optional bumper cleats with 22.5” bumpers, branded line and a specific storage center, to help you protect your boat’s beautiful exterior.