Opti-V Hull

The Opti-V Hull is the Secret Sauce Beneath the Surface That Sets Centurion Apart

It’s the key design that propelled Centurion to the top of wake sports. The history behind this remarkable innovation is interesting. Before wakeboarding and wake surfing, water skiing and barefoot water skiing were the most popular sports served by inboard water sports boats. Because these sports are best done when wakes are as flat as possible, hulls were designed to achieve that. Deep-v hulls were around, but they were used on runabouts, cruisers and off-shore boats that needed to cut through choppy water.

The deep-v running surface, by its very design, created large wakes and waves. Back in the ‘90s when wake sports were beginning to become popular, most towboat companies were still focused on their main customer base and those were people who wanted flat wakes for water skiing. Centurion Boats recognized the increasing interest in wake surfing and looked to the deep-v to find a way to generate larger wakes. By changing the hull to a modified deep-v they were able to generate wakes and when the boat leaned, as deep-vs tended to do, they created curl in the waves. The leaning tendency was not ideal though, and the consistency of the large wakes was hard to maintain. That’s when the Opti-V design was born. Released mid-model year of 2017 on the Ri257, the Opti-V running surface preserved the smooth rough water ride of the deep-v design, displaced more water with less ballast weight and produced a World Championship level surf wave.

When we added triangular, lifting pads on the rear corners of the boat we got the boat up and out of the water – completely counterintuitive to the way we think of wake boats working. Typically, one doesn’t want more lift because it’s that v-shaped hull that makes the large wakes. But the lift created by the Opti-V design is just enough to create balance that eliminates side to side weight sensitivity and thus achieve a symmetrical wakeboard wake, as well as a world class surf wave on either side of the boat. We didn’t stop there. With the addition of hook into the 2021 Ri Series’ Opti-V the wave was achieved more quickly. In the 2023 Fi Series turning became tighter with no chance of chine lock due to rear balancing triangles that extend farther forward toward the bow of the boat.

Opti-V Hull

Delivering a smooth rough water ride and creating envy worthy surf waves as well.

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