The difference is in the details - artistic stitching patterns, sound and comfortable flooring

When we say we build custom boats designed by you, it’s not just about the colors of the gel coat. We also have options for details such as the stitching pattern in your vinyl and the placement of GatorStep on your flooring. Sure you could go for standard Fi or Ri stitching, but what if you could have the topography stitch of the available Warrior Edition Package using GoreTenera thread, that elevates the interior with an eye-catching pattern? Choose your color scheme by selecting the color of your thread to highlight or blend the stitching. Thread color can act as a contrasting accent, or as a unifying matching color that blends seamlessly with the color of the vinyl.

How about GatorStep atop walkthrough areas? These are the kinds of things Centurion offers because we want our customers to get the boat that best reflects their vision. Being on your boat should be as comfortable as being in your home, so we encourage customers to make the choices that will support enjoyment. We offer different patterns for the flooring as well, so when you look about, you recognize this as your boat, uniquely suited to your taste. These boats are radical sports warriors on the outside, but personalized comfort zones on the inside.

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Centurion Boats is a manufacturer of industry leading wakeboard and wakesurf powerboats. When you visit one of our many dealers, you can test-drive our different models so that you can decide exactly what you want on your custom boat! Additionally, you can design a boat online, outfitting it with an array of different options to suit your sport or leisure needs!

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