Fuel Efficiency

Better Fuel Efficiency Means More Time On the Water
at a Lower Cost

The incredible fuel efficiency of Centurion Boats – up to 50% more than comparable boats – is largely due to the design of our Opt-V hull. The hull, which has the v to slice through water, also has lift at the back of the boat that flattens the running attitude and enables it to cut through the water with the sharpest part of its keel. This eliminates the resistance created when excessive bow rise causes the boat to push water instead of slicing through it. In turn, this prevents the engine from working harder than necessary.

The benefits of this design cascade into the boat. Because the PCM engine isn’t working as hard to push the boat through the water, whether at cruising speed or pulling a surfer, there is less noise produced and the interior decibel level is at a civilized 75 – about the same as a dishwasher and suitable for having a conversation. Centurion is powered by Pleasurecraft Marine engines (PCM). These are GM engines marinized by Pleasurecraft Engine Group. The ZZ5 5.3L and ZZ6 6.2L engines by PCM incorporate the latest in General Motors direct injection technology, along with the latest in PCM design, these engines have the performance and fuel efficiency that water sports enthusiasts desire.

But the engine is only a piece of this efficiently powered puzzle. The 2024 ZZ5 and ZZ6 each benefit from the Centurion Power Pull System which combines a specially calibrated 2 to 1 gear reduction with a precisely matched prop for maximum low end pulled with minimum engine exertion. This means our boats are optimized for pulling riders without compromising your boats power and engine integrity over time. Whether the details are important to you or not, the end result will delight you. Better fuel economy means less time spent refueling and money saved. And if you delight in data, you can watch your fuel efficiency in real time on the available Range of View (ROV) system displayed on the Touch Vision screen at the dash.


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This photo was taken in a 2024 Centurion Ri265 while pulling a surfer loaded with 96% ballast and 5 passengers. The gallons per hour is 5.8 GPH used as they were surfing. The average GPH for the entire 5-hour trip is just over 3 gallons per hour fuel used.

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Fuel Efficiency

The incredible fuel efficiency of Centurion Boats up to 50% more than comparable boats

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