A Surf Sweet Spectrum in Excess of 26 Feet Gives You Room to Perfect Your Sport

Centurion boats don’t just create a sweetspot for water sports, which is usually just off the back of the swimstep. Unlike other towboats, Centurion offers a spectrum of surfable power, from the curl all the way up to the face of the wave. Athletes know when they have found the sweetspot in their sport, whether it’s golf, tennis, or cycling. Surfers know when they drop into a wave if they’re in the right place to get a great ride. It’s the same with surfing behind a boat and with our evenly distributed ballast the length of the hull, Centurion has designed boats that extend that wave well beyond the length of waves behind most boats. It’s more than 26 feet long and that gives surfers plenty of room to experiment.

It takes more than evenly distributed ballast to form a great wave and Centurion has pulled together all the elements to do that. The ballast creates the displacement, which is just the beginning. We weight the entire running surface down so it sits deeper in the water from bow to stern, accounting for the length of our wave. Then there’s the push. Push, or the “hardness” of the wave, describes how well the water pushes the surfer along without letting them fall through the wave. Not enough displacement and the wave comes out soft with little push. Just the right amount of displacement and you get a hard wave with lots of push.

Where Centurion steps it up is coaxing a curl from the displaced water by commanding the flow of water behind the boat. With our unique, Opti-V hull, our curl is created not by diverting the flow of water off its path so it converges on the displaced water behind the boat, as other manufacturers do, but by shaping the wave with lift. Our Stinger Wake Plate changes the wetted running surface of the hull front to back, as well as the running attitude of the boat, and our QuickSurf Pro plate runs opposite the surf side to create lift. By lifting the rear corner of the hull on the non-surf side of the boat, the Centurion lists slightly towards the surf side, more aggressively displacing that surf corner. Centurion uses the Opti-V hull to change the flow of water out the back of the boat. This extra surf side displacement coupled with that slight list towards the surf side creates the curl. And when you want the curl on the other side, all you have to do is touch the opposite pointing QuickSurf arrow.

A diagram showing the location of a wakesurf boat.

The Wave

Centurion offers a spectrum of surfable power, from the curl all the way up to the face of the wave

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