Centurion does Ballast Differently, and it Creates A Better Experience for Everyone

Centurion wants everyone to enjoy being on the water, so we approach ballast differently from other companies. All of the ballast available in Centurion boats (up to seven precisely placed hidden ballast locations that combine for up to 5850 pounds of ballast) is evenly distributed. Placed deep within the hull, it doesn’t interfere with storage, or interior space. And because it goes along the length of the hull it creates longer waves. In the case of the Ri265 the wave extends more than 26 feet behind the boat. These large sub-floor tanks on each side of the lounge also create consistent push from the face to the curl.

A diagram comparing the characteristics of a boat and a jet ski, particularly in terms of wakesurfing capability.

The balanced running attitude of our ballast eliminates bow rise. Drivers can sit comfortably in place and see everything. You won’t see the driver of a Centurion standing up when they tow a surfer because there is plenty of visibility and control from their seated position. An additional benefit of this balanced attitude is remarkable fuel efficiency-up to 50% more than comparable boats. The engine doesn’t have to work as hard to push through the water and therefore uses less fuel, which in turn leads to more time on the water between refills.

The interior space is inside-voice quiet, even with a surfer in tow. And there are no compromises necessary to create world class waves. The available Ramfill2 offers as much as 2900 pounds of ballast capacity that fills in 90 seconds, which means less time waiting and more time playing. The nearly maintenance-free high speed ballast system, which we refer to as the “Baller,” eliminates plastic because it has four stainless steel ball valves (two in, two out) bolted through to the flanges. Yes, Centurion ballast is different. It’s optimized for the best possible experience – both outside and inside the boat.


Our Ballast locations are key to our world class waves wakes and ride.

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