Zoey Montgomery is making waves of positive change in the lives of her family, community, and world.

This year we challenged our athletes to give back to the community whether it’s taking a veteran or first responder out on the water or teaching someone how to surf that has never surfed before. Our athlete, Zoey Montomery, took it to another level and started her own organization called “Surfin with Purpose”.

Surfin with Purpose is an organization that allows special needs, underprivileged kids, and young adults to seek their true happiness through the connection of wake surfing and other water sports.


A group of people sitting in the back of a boat.


This summer they hosted their first event for 20 kids that are members of a local College Station group called Anointed Abilities. During this event, the kids learned to float using a life jacket and be more comfortable in the water. Not only did these kids feel more comfortable in the water they learned to love the water. This enabled them to have fun and relax on the boat. A few of them tried body surfing with a board and others just had fun swimming around the boat. Surfin with Purpose would like to give a huge thank you to the multiple sponsors, they were able to raise $1,500 to be donated to Anointed Abilities to help with their summer camp. “God has a purpose for everything, and my family and I hope to see all of these kids and more next year,” said Zoey Montgomery.


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