Sometimes you don’t have to look far to wake waves of positive change. The opportunities to make lives better may exist in your own backyard… Our local friend and proud Supreme S240 owner, John Griego came to us through another mutual Centurion & Supreme family member in search of his dream boat for his family and friends. For John, the boat purchasing experience was unique being paralyzed in his legs due to a spinal cord injury he suffered from a motocross accident. John quickly realized that despite his situation, he was going to continue to live life to the fullest, not allowing anything to slow him down. Through John’s requests and guidance through the manufacturing process, Centurion/Supreme was able to construct a modified captain’s chair for John with a cut-out side to increase his ease of access as he maneuvers in and out of the driver seat. This minor adjustment alone is able to save John valuable time and energy so he is able to focus on what really matters, the freedom of being on the water while proving that the only limitations that exist, are the ones in your mind.

John’s day to day life is just like most people, work then play. He does most of the things able bodied people do, just a little differently. John mentioned how being on a boat allows him to achieve freedom. “ When out on the boat, I leave my wheelchair in the truck and just completely forget about being paralyzed. I’m just like everyone else sitting at eye level laughing and messing around.” John also adds, “My custom captains chair, which allows myself to slide across the seat, into the wrap-around seating inside the boat makes a world of difference. This is paramount since I do not have mobility in my legs.” When asking John what his “why” in life was, he stated, “I continue to march forward in life as there are still many things I would like to accomplish (being paralyzed or not). I do it for peace, serenity, tranquility, and to also show other paralyzed folks that your disability does not have to define you. It also schools able-bodied people to push harder and strive to achieve their goals. Once they see me doing it, they seem to get a little bit more motivated. If I can impact others’ lives (due to my story), then that brings me happiness.”

Steve, who is a part of the Research and Design team stated, “Being a part of designing a seat to better fit a customer’s needs is an incredibly rewarding experience. It’s amazing to see how our work can make a difference in someone’s life and enable them to enjoy activities that they might nor have been able to do before. Knowing that our design helped to make someone’s life a little easier and more enjoyable is a feeling that is hard to put into words.”

This project was especially important because everyone deserves the opportunity to participate in activities that bring them joy and happiness, regardless of any physical limitations they may have. We hope our work helps remove any barriers that people with disabilities face, allowing them to experience that freedom and excitement of driving and riding behind a boat. It’s a small step towards making the world a more inclusive and accessible place for everyone, waking waves of positive change for all those who need it.

As a Correct Craft Company, Centurion & Supreme builds boats to the Glory of God and our best indicator of success in this charge is the reflection of God’s Glory in those whose lives are made better. We strive to see people shine with that Centurion & Supreme smile. Our mission is to “Make Lives Better.”