Pineview Reservoir, UT (September 21st, 2023) – Watersport Enthusiasts worldwide, it was with great excitement Centurion Boats was able reveal the all-new Predator Power Tower by Roswell at Cemetery Point on Pineview Reservoir, Utah World Wake Surfing Championships yesterday both in person and via live stream. Don’t worry if you missed the action, you can still view yesterday’s live stream here:

The Tower created by this partnership with Roswell Marine is evolving the wake boat with unmatched functionality, strength, and style. The name Predator was inspired by this power tower’s rightful place atop the food chain, eating the competition’s lunch while allowing its beneficiaries to enjoy theirs in the shade, any time of day. The Predator Power Tower includes a fixed bimini that protects you from the sun at any angle. This means you can raise and lower the Predator Power Tower (PPT) all while, keeping that bimini parallel to the floor with room for the driver and passengers to drive and ride in comfort underneath, no matter what kind of weather comes your way.

The Predator Power Tower has something to offer for everyone!

Learn more about the tower here.