Merced, CA (September 20, 2023)  –  The new Centurion Predator Power Tower (PPT) by Roswell is evolving the wake boat with unmatched functionality, strength, and style. The name Predator was inspired by this power tower’s rightful place atop the food chain, eating the competition’s lunch while allowing its beneficiaries to enjoy theirs in the shade, any time of day. The PPT accommodates with a 9-foot rigid bimini that can be raised and lowered with the push of a button parallel to the floor. The Predator Power Tower flexes its “Made in America” muscle with permanent mold casted bases and top joints along with water drop extruded tubing and Chem-Film coating. The style of the PPT is unmistakable with a ferocious look in the upright position and a sleek sheltered low profile when the tower is down. Visit your local Centurion Boats dealer to learn more about the Predator Power Tower or stop by the Centurion World Wake Surfing Championship to experience the PPT in person.

“The Centurion Predator Power Tower is truly evolving the wake boat with unmatched style, strength, and functionality. The PPT was designed to allow water sports enthusiasts to take their boating lifestyle over the top.” said Centurion VP of Marketing and Brand Direction, Amy Mauzy.

The power of this Centurion tower comes from four Linak linear actuators rated at 2400-pounds, pushing and pulling in smart synchronization to raise and lower all while, keeping the rigid 9-foot convertible bimini parallel to the floor. The PPT’s actuators work with one another to systematically, push and pull to get the tower up and down smoothly with no noise, no rattle and all strength. Yes, the Predator Power Tower includes a fixed bimini that protects you from the sun at any angle. When the sun is at an extreme angle, you’re trying to take cover from the rain or preparing to go under a bridge, you can lower the Predator Power Tower (PPT) all while, keeping that bimini parallel to the floor with room for the driver and passengers to drive and ride in comfort underneath. The Predator Power Tower (PPT) will dominate the water sports boating market with extreme functionality built into every inch of this Centurion-Roswell innovation.

You won’t believe the feature-set that is built into this new Centurion power tower. From specific hangers for wet towels, life vests and ropes to downlighting for extra interior visibility at night, Centurion has thought of everything.  The PPT also hosts BombShell 2.0 racks from Roswell. These racks are available brushed anodized finish or Roswell Marine Coated in 18 different colors. The Predator Power Tower also rolls off of the production line with an amazing speaker system standard. Choose between 3 different high powered stereos systems on the PPT. Standard the PPT comes with CoverFire 2.0 by Roswell with 6 tower speakers and two tweeters positioned perfectly for optimum marine surround sound no matter where you are sitting. You could also choose the new monstrously sounding 12-Warriors System by WetSounds (2-Pair Rev 12s) or the apex predator of them all, the new 15-speaker Warrior 2.0 Sound System by WetSounds. The Predator Power Tower comes standard with a 9-foot rigid bimini that can be raised and lowered with the push of a button, parallel to the floor.

The strength of the Predator Power Tower comes from precision components and quality construction in the USA.Cast parts for the Predator tower are made utilizing permanent molds machined out of billet steel. This method delivers superior strength, precision, and finish quality over traditional sand cast molds.The tower bases and top corner joints are Permanent Mold Casted right here in the US. This process enhances the strength of the tower by 15% and has much tighter tolerances than traditional sand castings making it the method of choice when precision is paramount.

“The new style and functionality of the Predator Power Tower is going to make a huge impact, setting a new benchmark for Centurion Boats. I admire the collaboration between our PD&E department and Roswell to design the PPT, combining their expertise for a groundbreaking collaboration” said Centurion President, Daniel Indelicato.

“Over the years Centurion Boats and Roswell Marine have really grown together.  We have a Product Development team that works really Well with the Roswell Team. One of the major factors on the synergy and partnership is the similarities of the culture in our companies.  We respect our employees; we respect input, and we have culture driving values. The Predator Power Tower is a direct result of that Partnership.” Shane Stillman, V.P. Product Development & Engineering.

Roswell utilizes an industry-leadingChem-Film Six Stage Immersion Process that applies a chemical conversion coating used to passivate aluminum for advanced corrosion protection. This provides an enhanced paint adhesion, leaves product dimensions unchanged after treatment and creates an increase in corrosion protection of up to 80x-100x. Roswell’s paint department utilizes the industry’s latest coatings and processes to ensure your Roswell product’s perfect finish is ready to withstand the harshest marine environments. Roswell’s experienced paint team specializes in industry-leading application standards utilizing marine-grade PPG® vibrance collection paint on the new Predator tower.

“I think this tower is simply amazing, my best work so far 20 years leading up to this moment and I am fortunate enough to be a part of  history for life,” Darrick Wilson, Chief of Design, Roswell Marine




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