Merced, Ca (September 21st, 2023) – Everyone knows Centurion boats create the World’s best waves and wakes. We appreciate the distinction and continue to build the reputation of our superior performance with the promotion of every Centurion surf and wakeboard session. For the 2024 model year we are focusing as much attention on the helpful education of the user-centric benefits unique to the Centurion Boats brand as well as the differentiating characteristics of the Fi and Ri Series models. We have stopped selling and started helping water sports enthusiasts make their lives better by choosing a Centurion boat to maximize their joy on the water.

The 2024 Ri Series is not just a show of brute force in the battle of wake boat domination with the Worlds best waves wakes and ride. The Ri Series isn’t just big for the sake of making the worlds best waves and wakes or offering the largest ballast and seating capacities. We didn’t just slap a huge price tag on these model to win at something. These Centurions are strategically refined to make life better for water sports boaters while they distinguish themselves with beautifully elegant style. This three-pronged attack on seemingly contradictory fronts is how Centurion is giving owners the best of all worlds while gaining mind market share. The Ri Series is all things to all people who want to wake surf and wakeboard while excelling in ride, style, and premium luxury accommodation.

The 2024 Ri265 is grounded in greatness with the uncanny ability to harness the “go big” attitude in all who board. This 26-foot 6-inch wake surf boat pulls World Champions to it with the promise of making their lives better. It also draws champions in the making who subscribe to the bigger is better mentality especially when it comes to wake boating. The biggest of the Centurion Boats line, the Ri265 as the accommodation and performance to attract dynasties or at the very least those in planning. The Centurion Ri265 offers the longest pushiest surf wave, a smooth rough water ride, 5850 pounds of evenly distributed available ballast, a yacht certified seating capacity, and versatile interior accommodation. The gravity of this greatness continues to pull you with remarkable style, incredible fuel efficiency, no bow rise, and tight maneuverability. The Ri265 is a repeat revolution in innovation catering to and creating dynasties on the water. Just add water to the 2024 Centurion Ri265 and your greatness will grow.

New for the Centurion Ris is the Warrior Edition package. This elevated edition from the Worlds best wake surf boat brand, takes weekend warriors to always on-the-water status. A Warrior Edition Centurion Ri is designated with a unique gel coat scheme that allows the deck and hull base colors to be chosen independent from one another. This allows 18 different color choices in each area. The interior of a Warrior Edition Ri also comes with and exclusive “Topo” stitch pattern available in 7 different thread colors and stitched into multiple upholstery scheme locations/ there is no mistaking a Centurion Warrior Edition from the exterior gel coat to interior upholstery, but the new Predator Power Tower leaves no doubt. The Warrior Edition includes the apex in water sports towers, the Predator Power Tower by Roswell.

2024 Ri265 Specs

  • Length: 26′ 6″
  • Beam: 102″
  • Draft: 36″
  • Weight: 6400 lbs
  • Weight on Trailer: 8000 lbs
  • Fuel Capacity: 92 gal
  • Seating Capacity: Yacht Certified
  • Std Torque: 450 ft/lb
  • Max Torque: 500 ft/lb

2024 Ri265 Ballast
Total Available Ballast Capacity: 5850 lbs

  • PNP Bow Ballast: 500 LBS OPT
  • Bow Ballast Tank: 450 LBS STD
  • PNP Rear Ballast: 1500 LBS OPT
  • PNP Transom Ballast: 500 LBS OPT
  • Sub-floor Pumped Ballast: 2900 LBS STD | RAMFILL² “Baller Ballast” OPT


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