Let us prove to you this is the best time to purchase a Centurion boat at a Water Proof Tour drive-n-ride demo.

We will prove Centurion is the best choice for your new boat at a Water Proof Tour (WPT) dealer demo April 15th to May 31st. Once we have demonstrated this proof, you will have the opportunity to get the biggest discounts of 2024 on new Centurion boats. Get as much as $30,000 off of new 2022/2023 Centurions or $20,000 off 2024 Centurion Fis and Ris. Get the new 2024 Fe22 for $139,995 USD, Surf Ready plus tax, freight. and dealer prep.

Check out centurionboats.com to find a Centurion WPT demo day near you or request a private Water Proof demo from your local dealer.