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Jeremy "Wally" Wahlberg

Jeremy Wahlberg, a retired military veteran with 28 years of dedicated service as a First Sergeant, has lived a life defined by adventure, service, and a deep love for water sports. His deployment in 2007-2008 during Operation Iraqi Freedom reflects his unwavering commitment to duty and his country.

Jeremy's journey extends far beyond the military. He shares his remarkable life with his incredible wife, Kaelyn Wahlberg, a retired Sergeant First Class with 20 years of service. Together, they've built a family filled with love, raising two sons Devin, London and, in October 2023, welcoming a 12-year-old girl Bella, into their hearts through adoption.

The Wahlberg Family is united by their passion for water sports, particularly wakesurfing and wakeboarding. Their shared enthusiasm for these activities has not only brought them closer but has also become a central part of their lives.

In 2019, Jeremy and his family embarked on a mission close to their hearts. They started the Heroes Tour with a vision of giving back to families who, like theirs, are deeply committed to serving their community and country. Their goal was simple yet profound: to provide opportunities for others to heal mentally and discover a lifelong passion for water sports.

In 2022, the Heroes Tour officially became "Our Heroes Tour," a registered 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. This transformation marked a deeper commitment to community service and support for those who have served.

Our Heroes Tour's mission is nothing short of inspiring: to provide unique and unforgettable experiences for past and present First Responders, Military personnel, and their families. These experiences not only allow them to engage in thrilling water sports but also provide precious moments to live, laugh, and love together as a community of heroes.

Beyond their charitable work, the Wahlberg Family owns and operates the Minnesota Wakesurf Championship (MNWSC). This championship event has become a highlight on every wakesurfer's calendar during the summer months.

The MNWSC offers a diverse range of activities, from thrilling on-water action to sponsor booth markets, fireworks displays, beer gardens, live music, parades, and even stunt bike shows. With an annual attendance of 8,000 to 10,000 people, this event has ascended to become one of the top spots on the World Series of Wakesurfing (WSWS) circuit.

Jeremy Wahlberg's life story is a testament to the values of adventure, service, family, and the pursuit of shared passions. From his distinguished military career to his commitment to giving back through Our Heroes Tour and the promotion of the Minnesota Wakesurf Championship, Jeremy embodies the spirit of dedication, community, and the pursuit of meaningful experiences. His journey serves as an inspiring reminder that through service, family, and shared passions, we can make a positive impact on the lives of others while creating lasting memories for ourselves.

Dallas Friday with EPSY

Dallas Friday

Dallas Friday, according to ESPN, is the "winningest female wakeboarder in history." Dallas' trophy case includes the ESPN ESPY award for Best Female Action Sports Athlete, 4 X-Games Gold medalists, and numerous World Titles. Dallas was also a featured character in the video game Wakeboarding Unleashed and a cartoon character as herself in Disney's popular show Kim Possible. Dallas began wakeboarding at thirteen years of age and began competing at a professional level in her first year of wakeboarding. In her rookie season she captured the prestigious Americas Cup title and silver at the 2000 X-Games where she was the youngest competitor at the event. In 2001, Dallas won the World Cup at age 15. At 14 years of age, Dallas captured the Gold at the ESPN X-Games and the NBC Gravity Games. Dallas also captured first place finishes in the 2001 Malibu Open, the first two Pro tour stops, the Vans Triple Crown Ford Ranger Pro, Cable Wakeboarding Nationals, and the X-cup. In the 2003-2004 season, Dallas won every pro event but one. In 2005 Dallas succeeded in accomplishing the three-peat in winning Gold at the X-Games. Dallas was awarded the "Born to Lead Award" by Cosmo Magazine in 2005. In 2006, Dallas won the World, Nationals, Masters and the Pro Tour Championships. Also in 2006 Dallas was awarded the coveted Arby's Action Sports Award for Best Female Athlete. In 2007, Dallas dominated the overseas Wakeboarding World Cup events by remaining undefeated. In 2008/2009 season Dallas dominated the podium. Dallas won the coveted "Queen of Wake" Title in 2009, as well as the World Title after an amazing year. In 2009, Dallas placed 1st in the World Games in Taiwan. And 2nd in the China World Cup. In 2009, Dallas was named "Top 25 Celebrities" in Central Florida and also "Best Name" by Orlando Weekly Magazine. Dallas was voted ten years in a row the fan favorite in Wakeboarding Magazines readers poll. In 2010 Dallas suffered severe injuries that required 2 years of rehab causing her to miss the 2011 season. In 2012 Dallas returned to the sport she loved. Dallas won the 2013 World Championships.  In 2014 Dallas won the Malibu Cancun Pro, Wakestock Canada and WakeFest Tennessee. In 2015 Dallas saw podium at every event, winning the Australian Moomba Masters, Wakefest, and The Tokyo Pro. She also was voted #1 by the fans in Wakeboarding Magazine readers poll and Wakeworld riders poll. In 2015 Dallas posed for the ESPN Body Issue representing the sport of Wakeboarding. Dallas credits all her success to her Lord Jesus Christ and her greatest accomplishment in her life is her children. Dallas Sponsors include Ronix, Centurion Boats and Performance Ski and Surf. She loves riding behind her favorite boat the Centurion Ri230!

A man is standing on a wakeboat with a wakesurf board in the water.

Caro Villeneuve

Caro is literally a legend. Having competed in Pro Women Skim, earning 72 podium appearances out of 89 competitions, including 40 first places, 23 second places, and various titles. She has also made a mark at the World Wake Surfing Championship, achieving podium finishes 8 out of 11 times and securing a World Title in 2015. In 2020, she became the first female recipient of the prestigious Legend Award. Her influence extends beyond competition, as she has contributed to the development of wakesurfing by creating the world ranking system, participating in wakesurfing committees, and has taught over 1000 people to wakesurf. While she still enjoys wakesurfing, her focus now lies in coaching and supporting her students, inspiring young athletes, and promoting the sport.

Since 2011, she has owned and operated a wakesurf school on Lake Koocanusa, BC, Canada. She also travels worldwide to provide coaching services. For lessons, visit www.h2oschoolbc.com.

A person riding a wave on a wakesurf board.

Grant Korgan

Grant Korgan is a multi-sport athlete who has left an indelible mark on the world of water sports, as a Pro Team member of the Centurion Boats family. With his unwavering determination and inspiring story of resilience, Grant has become a heartfelt part of the industry we all love so much.

Grant's on-water style is characterized by a blend of adventure-athleticism, creativity, and flow. However, his journey took an unexpected turn when he faced a life-altering accident. In 2010, while snowmobiling in the Sierra Nevada mountains, he suffered a severe Spinal Cord Injury which left him paralyzed from the waist down. This devastating incident could have easily shattered Grant's dreams, but instead, ignited an even stronger flame within him.

Undeterred by the perception of physical limitation, Grant embarked on a remarkable journey of rehabilitation and recovery. With unwavering determination and the support of his circle, he defied all odds to reclaim his athletic life. Through intensive physical therapy and becoming the first person with a spinal cord injury to push himself to Antarctica’s geographic South Pole, he pioneered ways to once again participate in the sports he loved.

In 2015, Grant began development with Centurion Boats founder Rick Lee, on the sport of adaptive surfing. The duo developed gear, safety measures and techniques which opened the door for countless others to experience the magic of surfing, regardless of physical ability. Later that year, Grant signed with Centurion Boats as a pro team athlete!!

Grant's incredible resilience and refusal to be defined by his injury have made him an example of forward-movement to people worldwide. He has become an advocate for adaptive sports and an ambassador for the limitless potential of the human spirit. By sharing his story and pushing the boundaries of what is possible, Grant has touched the lives of countless individuals facing their own challenges.

As a Centurion athlete, Grant continues to push the boundaries of his sport with infectious enthusiasm, both on and off the water. Whether he is mentoring aspiring athletes, or participating in adaptive sports programs, Grant remains a beacon of hope and a true ambassador for the power of perseverance. Grant's story serves as a testament to the power of human will and a reminder that with determination, everything is possible.

A person wakeboarding on a wakesurf board at sunset.

Matt Manzari

Husband. Father of three. Pro wakeskater. Twice nearly died. On the water Matt was an innovator landing many firsts in the sport, including the first underflip (changing the board flip direction midair). He has titles like “trick of the year”, “wakestock champion” and many more. In 2015 Matt was electrocuted while trimming trees at a church project. Over 12,000 volts melted the skin off his chest and arms causing 4th and 5th degree burns all over his upper body. Since, Matt’s had 78 surgeries to get back on the water and back to being the dad and husband his family needs! Matt and Bobbye Jean have three little boys, and they love to adventure, camp,travel, and play on the lake! Matt loves to Foil, wakesurf, snowboard, and pretty much anything with a board!

A man wearing sunglasses and a hat enjoying wakesurfing on a wakeboat.

Sean Cummings

Sean has been wakesurfing for over 17 years and competed professionally for 14 years. He has organized events, emceed major competitions (including the World Championships), and appeared in an iPhone commercial and on the Oh Sit game show to promote wakesurfing globally. Sean also coaches new riders and shares his passion for the sport worldwide.

A man sitting on a canoe near a wakesurf board.

Robby Maschhaupt

For 18 years, Robby was a gasman in NASCAR. However, his passion extends far beyond the racetrack. Throughout his entire life, he has been an avid watersports enthusiast, which has earned him recognition and accolades in the industry. In both 2017 and 2021, Robby was honored by Wakeboarding Magazine as the recipient of the prestigious Pass the Handle award and the Troy Gentry award in 2018. He was also the receipt of the WSIA Larry Meddock award in 2021. This esteemed recognition serves as a testament to his outstanding dedication and contributions to the watersports community.

Moreover, Robby is the founder of Operation Wake Surf, a remarkable non-profit organization. Through this initiative, he shares his deep passion for watersports with the brave men and women who protect our communities and our country. This initiative embodies his commitment to giving back and making a positive impact on the lives of others. Robby exemplifies the values of #Salute2Service, #PayingItForward, and #MakingLivesBetter.

A wakesurfer jumps off a wakesurf boat at sunset.

Chad Lowe

Chad is the owner and operator of CAL Wake, Northern California's premier wake school. With over 20 years of coaching experience and a lifetime on the water, Chad Lowe has become the choice wakeboard coach for riders of every level- from beginner to professional.

A Wakeboard World Champion and USA National Wakeboard Champion, Chad is also accredited by the National Association of Sports Medicine as a Certified Personal Trainer (NASM-CPT.) He credits his long career in the sport to his holistic approach to training and wellness, and trains his riders with the same approach in mind.

Chad has earned the distinction of an Elite Coach through USA Wakeboarding, which is the group campaigning for the inclusion of wakeboarding at 2020 summer Olympics in Tokyo, Japan. He is also a board member of USA Wakeboarding, was the 2018 team captain for USA Wakeboarding (boat,) is a qualified judge for World Wakeboard Association and is an IWWF judge. Having started his coaching career at the Mission Bay Aquatic Center while attending San Diego State University, Chad now goes back to San Diego to train the coaches at MBAC each season.

As a professional wakeboard coach, Chad has had the opportunity to share his expertise worldwide, having hosted wakeboard clinics in Ireland, Greece, Mexico, Canada, Australia, Germany, Holland, Japan and all over the US.

A wakesurf boat with two people on it at sunset.

Ken Scribner

Ken is a devoted family man whose deep love for water sports shines through. Alongside his beautiful wife, Tanya, and their remarkable children, Jarrett and Paige, along with her husband Gunner, they have embraced a vibrant life revolving around water skiing and wake surfing. As a competition driver for the World Series of Wake Surfing (including the last 5 years at Worlds), Ken has watched many of these pro surfers grow up and considers them his family as well. With 12 years on the school board, including 9 as president, Ken takes pride in the positive changes made in his district. He also volunteers with Salute 2 Service programs, driving for Operation Wake Surf and Operation Get Out and Get out Girl, bringing joy to our nation's heroes as they learn to surf. When not on the water, he indulges his passion for motorcycles.