A man on a wakeboat.

Zane Montgomery

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College Station, TX

Zane, a native of College Station, TX, was raised in Texas and recently graduated from Oklahoma State University, specializing in commercial aviation. His journey into wake surfing began at the tender age of five, behind his uncle’s ski boat. After a few initial attempts, Zane was hooked by the sport and decided to participate in a local competition, where he proudly won the youngest ripper award. This accomplishment served as a turning point, fueling his passion for wake surfing. Recognizing Zane’s dedication, his uncle purchased a Centurion SV240, which provided an unparalleled wave for Zane to conquer. Zane progressively advanced from the junior division and eventually won the highly competitive Outlaw Men Surf division in 2014. With a remarkable 17-year history in competitive wake surfing, Zane’s commitment to the sport remains unwavering. While the water serves as his primary domain, Zane also finds joy in piloting airplanes, partaking in hunting and fishing pursuits, and simply reveling in the great outdoors.