A man wakesurfing behind a wakeboat.

Jake Breedlove

Born and raised on Lake Austin, Jake Breedlove has been riding and pushing the limits of wakesurfing for over 10 years. With style and huge amplitude, Jake always strives to set himself apart from other wakesurfers and has done well taking home an amateur and semi-pro world title.

Jake has a passion for the outdoors and everything nature. His time on the Lake is definitely his place of peace. Aside from wakesurfing, Jake is always on the move or being creative. From wakesurfing to painting to rock climbing to skateboarding, Jake enjoys many activities and sports that involve tons of active movement and nature. Jake is also a happily married man to his wonderful wife Kolby. They live in Austin together with a dog named Reece and a Paint/Quarter Horse named Bigby. With his faith in God and loving/supporting wife, family, and friends, Jake will continue to be involved the the sport of wakesurfing, doing what he loves.

A woman on a wakesurf board.

Adam & Caitlin Wheeler

Adam and Caitlin are a husband and wife professional wakesurf duo from Coeur d'Alene, Idaho. Caitlin has been competing in the professional ranks for 5 years and has many podium finishes in the pro female skim division. One of her biggest accomplishments is making it into the World Championship Finals in 2022 and finishing 4th Place Overall. Adam & Caitlin formed their own wakesurf school (Surfs Up North Idaho) in 2017, and since then, have taught numerous lessons to people of all ages and abilities all around beautiful North Idaho. They have one daughter (Kiana) and are excited to introduce her to the lake life on their Centurion Ri230. Recently, they have worked together with Vewdo balance boards to design a specific training board for wakesurfing called the Baseline. If they aren't on the lake refining their skills or coaching others, you can find them rock climbing, playing some pickleball, or hiking one of Idaho's scenic trails.

A girl wakesurfing behind a wakeboat.

Ava Stewart

Ava Stewart went undefeated in 2022 and was the 2022 Outlaw Skim World Champion! While she has always enjoyed watersports from a young age, Ava fell in love with wakesurfing after watching her brother compete, and started competing herself in 2020. Just 3 years later, as a senior in high school, she is now competing in the professional division. When she is not on the water, you can find her either playing lacrosse or hockey. She also loves to design and has enjoyed working with an artist to create her own pro model board with Kanuk Board Company, and working with Axil swim to create her own swimsuit. Before she competes, she likes to do some stretching and then go on a walk with her brother to get in the right mindset.

A man riding a wakesurf board in the air behind a wakeboat.

Turner Gebers

Turner Gebers (nicknamed “T-Dog”), 16 years old, is from Washington State. Turner entered his first competition at age 10. At age 14, Turner won the World Wake Surf Championship in his first year competing in the Men’s Amateur Surf division of the CWSA. With that victory and his final ranking, Turner was required to move into the Semi-Pro division. After two years in the Semi-Pro division, Turner took 2nd place in the 2022 World Wake Surfing Championship and shortly thereafter made the decision to enter the Professional Men’s Surf division. Turner been a team rider for Soulcraft Boarding for several years. Outside of Wake Surfing, Turner enjoys basketball, football, and skate boarding.

A man riding a wave on a wakesurf board.

Zane Montgomery

Zane, a native of College Station, TX, was raised in Texas and recently graduated from Oklahoma State University, specializing in commercial aviation. His journey into wake surfing began at the tender age of five, behind his uncle's ski boat. After a few initial attempts, Zane was hooked by the sport and decided to participate in a local competition, where he proudly won the youngest ripper award. This accomplishment served as a turning point, fueling his passion for wake surfing. Recognizing Zane's dedication, his uncle purchased a Centurion SV240, which provided an unparalleled wave for Zane to conquer. Zane progressively advanced from the junior division and eventually won the highly competitive Outlaw Men Surf division in 2014. With a remarkable 17-year history in competitive wake surfing, Zane's commitment to the sport remains unwavering. While the water serves as his primary domain, Zane also finds joy in piloting airplanes, partaking in hunting and fishing pursuits, and simply reveling in the great outdoors.

A woman in sunglasses sitting in the back of a wakesurf boat.

Zoey Montgomery

Zoey is from College Station, TX and has been wake surfing competitively since she was 6 years old. She is also involved in other sports such as volleyball, track, and softball. Her love of traveling to competitions allows her to hang out with friends and wake surf families around the world. Zoey also enjoys coaching and being able to give surf lessons, which provides her a chance to help other wake surfers improve and spread the love of the sport.

A man rides a wakesurf board.

Tyler Stewart

Growing up, Tyler and his family always had a strong affinity for water sports and spending time at the lake. Tyler discovered his passion for wake surfing at the age of 13 and subsequently participated in local wake surf events during the following summers. By 2020, he had progressed to the professional division and collaborated with Kanuk Board Co to launch his own signature board. His debut year as a professional athlete proved to be a remarkable one as he clinched the World Championship title. Since then, Tyler has achieved countless first place podiums and went undefeated through the entire 2022 season to earn his second world title for Pro Men Skim. When he's not surfing on the Minnesota lakes, you can find him studying at Grand Canyon University in Phoenix.

A young girl holding a wakesurf board in the water.

Kenzie Hickey

Kenzie started wake surfing at the age of 5, but has loved being on and in the water since birth. Her interest and passion was undeniable from the start, she is a true mermaid at heart. She started competing in 2020 and has grown leaps and bounds since. Kenzie loves to be challenged while also having fun. In the off season Kenzie loves to snowboard. Without the support of her board builder Blusurf, Centurion Boats, family, friends and sponsors, she wouldn't be where she is today. The skies the limit and Kenzie has big goals for her future in wake surfing.

A man is wakesurfing behind a boat.

Keenan Flegel

Keenan, a seasoned athlete with eight World Wake Surf Championship titles under his belt, has been honing his wake surfing skills since he was just 10 years old. His favorite trick is a "Big Air Reverse". While out on his Centurion boat, Keenan listens to a diverse selection of music genres, ranging from reggae, rap, and rock to the occasional touch of country. When he's not out on the lake, he finds solace in ocean surfing and deep-sea fishing.

A man is wakesurfing behind a boat.

Sean Silveira

Sean Silveira is a passionate wake surfer born in Kissimmee, Florida, currently residing in Clermont. He loves to shred on the beautiful waters of Lake Minneola behind his stunning Centurion Ri230. Among his repertoire of amazing wake surf tricks, the Ollie North Air 360 is his favorite.