QuickSurf Pro transfers and adjusts the World Championship waves of a Centurion surf boat weighted equally for level operation.

(Merced, CA) – Centurion’s QuickSurf Pro moves World Championship waves from side to side with a touch; in a surf boat weighted equally for comfortable level operation. Watch the QuickSurf Pro intro video! With a transfer time of mere seconds, QuickSurf Pro can satisfy a surfer’s desire for a left or right wave, even mid-session through the Touch Vision System. QuickSurf Pro also offers adjustable wave shape and length. The curved stainless steel leading-edge blade design innovates typical “bolt-on” surf solutions with smooth water contact specifically engineered to compliment the high performance of Centurion’s Deep-V wake surfing hull. Centurion Boats continues to shred the cutting edge of wake surfing with innovations like the all new QuickSurf Pro. Visit your nearest Centurion Boats dealer or your local Centurion Boat Show this winter to experience the innovative convenient performance of QuickSurf Pro.


“We weren’t looking to create a World-class surf wave. We’ve already done that with the combination of our Deep-V Hull, CATs and RAMFILL. Our goal with QuickSurf Pro was to innovate our World Championship wake surfing performance with the convenience of a level boat and quick side to side transfer.”

Rick Lee, President of Fineline Industries Inc., on QuickSurf Pro.


World Championship Waves w/ Comfortable Level Operation

QuickSurf Pro takes the World Championship wave created by Centurion Boats’ Deep-V Hull and moves it from side to side at your command. This high performance and convenience is joined by the comfort of level surf boat operation. Passengers can sit where they are comfortable regardless of what side the surfer is on and the driver enjoys the superior handling of a non-listed boat. QuickSurf Pro thrives when a Centurion boat is weighted evenly on the right and left side.


Quick Wave Transfer w/ Touch Vision Integration

An evenly weighted Centurion boat equipped with QuickSurf Pro produces World Championship level waves on both sides without adjusting people or ballast. This advantage allows the surfer to transfer from side to side mid-session in seconds. The wave can be pushed from the port side to starboard side and back again with a simple touch of the Centurion Touch Vision screen. But this isn’t the only wave adjustment QuickSurf Pro offers.


Adjustable Wave Shape and Length

Thanks to the shape of the QuickSurf Pro blades and their range of actuation up and down, different blade positions will change the shape and length of the waves on either side. This unique customization joins Centurion’s unmatched suite of wave optimizing innovations for a truly personalized wake surf experience. Fill RAMFILL ballast almost instantaneously through the Touch Vision screen to displace the Deep-V Hull without the delay of pumps. Adjust the bow deflection and define your wave shape with the Centurion Articulating Tracking System (CATS). Choose your perfect surfing speed with ZeroOff GPS speed control. Finally engage the optional QuickSurf Pro to dial-in the waves of your dreams on either side. Of course if you are just looking for a no-fuss World Championship wave right off the factory floor, go with Centurion Boats Touch Vision Factory Rider Profile settings. The level of adjustability is up to you.


Curved Leading-edge Stainless Steel Blades

The curved leading-edge stainless steel blade design of QuickSurf Pro has a look of strong reliable performance that more than delivers in the water. The shape and construction materials chosen for QuickSurf Pro were no accident. While many surf systems are designed to turn a wakeboard boat into a surf boat, QuickSurf Pro is an innovative apparatus that adds convenience and more versatility to the World’s leading wake surf boat line. The curved blade design creates smooth water-contact behind a displaced Deep-V Hull for clean Centurion-style waves that can transfer from side to side while the boat operates level. The amount of water displacement Centurion’s Deep-V Hull creates is perfect for surfing. Add QuickSurf Pro with its complimentary function and stout construction to extend the World Championship surfing performance of 2015 Centurion Boats.


Visit your nearest Centurion Boats dealer or your local Centurion Boat Show this winter to experience the innovative convenient performance of QuickSurf Pro.


About Centurion Boats

Centurion Boats is the first boat company to produce a dedicated wake surfing boat and Centurion continues to dominate this segment with inspired innovations and the highest levels of performance. Centurion’s founder and President, Rick Lee is a pioneer in water sports towboat technology that extends to world-class wakeboard and slalom ski boats. Centurion held the first World Wake Surfing Championship in 1995, an event that has grown to become the world’s largest and premier wake surfing event. For more information please call 209-384-0255 or visit www.centurionboats.com.