Merced, CA November 26, 2014; Centurion Boats and Inland Surfer wake surf boards released their collaborative effort called the Chronicles of Wake Surfing today. As a tribute to Inland Surfer founder Jeff Page, the historic video stretches back fourteen years documenting the birth of wake surfing and significant milestones along the way. The video also includes appearances from Centurion’s CEO Rick Lee and Keenan Flegel, the winningest wake surfing athlete of all time.
Todd Gaughan, Centurion VP of Marketing said, “If you are into wake surfing, this is a must see video. So many newcomers to the sport in the past few years have no idea what the early pioneers went through to get us to where we are. There were so many “naysayers” that thought wake surfing would never amount to anything. Jeff Page and Inland Surfer deserve a ton of credit for seeing the wake surfing vision and progressing the sport to where it is today. Centurion is proud to have Inland Surfer as a partner.”

Rick Lee, CEO of Centurion Boats said, “It was so good to find Jeff Page and Inland Surfer in the early 2000’s. As Centurion was developing a new category for watersports, it was comforting to have someone else that believed like we did that wake surfing would one day become extremely popular. Congratulations to Jeff and Inland Surfer for their first fourteen years and we look forward to many more together.”

Jeff Page, President of Inland Surfer had this to say, “We are proud to be a part of a sport that has become today’s leading behind-the-boat pastime. Ten years ago, few people gave wake surfing a chance and most told me that I was crazy to pursue it. They never believed that it could have progressed to the place where it is today. Our team’s hard work and dedication has paid off and we are looking forward to progressing wake surfing another ten years and beyond.”

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About Centurion: Centurion Boats is most recognized as the first boat company to produce a dedicated wake surfing boat and with its new Enzo FS44 model, Centurion remains at the top-of-the-class in this space. In addition to world-class wakeboarding and slalom ski boats, Centurion has been a pioneer in watersports towboat technology. Centurion held the first World Wake Surfing Championship in 1995, an event that has grown to become the world’s largest, annual, premier wake surfing event. For more information please call 209-384-0255.or