Young woman in a life vest and wetsuit holding a rope, standing by the water, looking directly at the camera.

Kitt Smith

Wake  |  Junior Pro


United States





Kitt is a junior pro wakeboarder, aspiring to one day transition and compete in the professional division. She is a two time National Champion and three time Pan American Champion, currently defending both her titles. Aside from competing, Kitt is co-owner of Freedom Wake Park in Orlando, Florida; the Water Sports Industry Association 2022 School/Camp of the Year. While her day-to-day activities train her to be a professional athlete, it is also preparing her to be a coach and sole business owner of the wake park. Fun Fact: one of her goals is to have her own version of a pro model board with Hyperlite Wake, her board sponsor. On any given day, Kitt is on the water riding, training or shooting content for herself and sponsors. By using her brand, Kitt is always trying new ways to promote the sport and her sponsors. Whether it be inviting her friends to wakeboard, try out her gear, or attending boat shows, she also dedicated her time at Freedom Wake Park assisting the coaches with their classes.

Kitt's Sponsors

Centurion Boats | Jet Pilot | Hyperlite | Marloru | JCQ | Shaka Kai