Centurion Ri245 Continues to Revolutionize Wake Surfing with Innovative Features in 2024

Merced, CA (August 15, 2023) – Centurion, a pioneer in wake surf technology, is raising the bar yet again with the latest iteration of the Ri245. Building on years of continuous innovation in the tow boat market, the 2024 Ri245 introduces groundbreaking features that redefine the wake surf experience. With its impressive 24-foot 6-inch size, the Ri245 extends the industry’s best-selling segment by a remarkable 18 inches, setting a new standard for performance, luxury, and style.

Wakesurfing behind Ri245

A New Era in Wake Surfing

The Centurion Ri245 offers unparalleled benefits for wake boat enthusiasts, boasting a lengthy and robust surf wave along with a smooth and comfortable ride. The integration of 5650 pounds of evenly distributed ballast ensures optimal wave formation. Accommodating up to 16 passengers, the Ri245 offers versatile interior arrangements, distinctive trademark styling, excellent fuel efficiency, controlled bow rise, and exceptional maneuverability. It’s a comprehensive approach to innovation that reshapes the market and redefines what’s possible.

Elevated Passenger Experience

The Ri245 takes passenger comfort and convenience to the next level through thoughtful interior enhancements. The 2024 series introduces a refined stitching accent available in a range of seven GoreTenera thread colors, adding a touch of elegance. Notably, the new Battery Management System, equipped with the PDM Reset Panel and three Wireless Lay-flat Phone Chargers (1 Glovebox, 2 Side Panel Cup Holders), demonstrates significant advancements. Additionally, a Wireless Clamping Cell Phone Charger at the dash comes standard, providing great connectivity. For social gatherings, the Ri245 offers hinged, shock-assisted lounge seats that accommodate personal items, promoting an organized and clutter-free space. Passengers can also take advantage of the Walkthrough Trash Shoot on the port side and a rear-facing lean back trash bin for optimal tidiness.

Customizable Seating and Enhanced Design

Passengers can personalize their seating arrangement, opting for an optional flip-up lean back on the passengers’ side and a standard 4-position slide seat with plug-in lean backs that offer flexibility in orientation. The Ri245 also features Flip Up Transom Stadium Seats that neatly stow on the sun pad, enhancing lounging comfort with robust ratchet hinges.

Innovative Wake Surf Performance

The 2024 Centurion Ri245 elevates wake surfing to a new level with the revolutionary Opti-V running surface. The Centurion Opti-V Hull optimizes the boat’s running attitude, ensuring a controlled and smooth ride through choppy waters. The QuickSurf Pro Surf System, with strategically positioned stainless-steel blades on the rear corners, generates lift opposite the surf side, allowing for versatile surf wave adjustments. With 7 independently filled and drained ballast areas, including the cutting-edge RAMFILL2 (or “Baller Ballast”), the Ri245 produces an impressive 5650 pounds of ballast. The RAMFILL2 system, which fills in just 90 seconds, combines high performance with the reliability of stainless steel ball valves, guaranteeing an unparalleled wake surfing experience. Notably, the Ri245 boasts more than 50% better fuel efficiency than its competitors, enhancing its sustainability.

Centurion Ri245 in water

Intuitive Control Center

The Revo Side by Side 12” X 12” Touch Vision HD Dash serves as the control hub, offering graphical oversight of various boat systems. The Revo Dash includes an Inspection Mode, which facilitates ease of inspection during aquatic invasive species (AIS) checks. With a user-friendly 6-button menu, operators can effortlessly control the QuickSurf Pro, ballast areas, lighting, stereo volume, and GPS mapping, ensuring a seamless ride.

Unmatched Exterior Customization

Centurion’s reputation for customization extends to the Ri245’s exterior. With a choice of four distinct gel coat schemes and the option to combine two metal flake colors, the Ri245 allows for billions of unique color combinations. The illuminated Centurion-branded front grill and Baja Racing docking lights add to its distinctive appearance. Also, the sleek side profile communicates Centurion’s renowned wake surfing legacy. The Ri Series offers various exterior customization options, including colored vents, model designators, windshield a-pillars, Centurion badge illumination, BombShell 2.0 Racks, and the HD 360 Square Mirror, available in 18 different colors.

2024 Centurion Ri245

Unrivaled Protection and Tower Design

Centurion’s commitment to safeguarding your investment is evident in the optional bumper cleats with 22.5″ bumpers, ensuring the Ri245’s exterior remains pristine. The DropZone Auto Tower by Roswell, featuring water drop extruded construction, provides strength and functionality. With surf-side tow points and hangers, the tower offers enhanced usability and aesthetic appeal, aligning seamlessly with the Ri245’s design.

Leading the Wake Surfing Revolution

The Centurion Ri Series represents a profound shift in power and performance. Beyond its impressive size and features, the Ri245 embodies a comprehensive approach to innovation, offering refined design, superior functionality, and top-tier wake surfing performance. Centurion’s commitment to reinventing the Ri245 underscores its dedication to pushing boundaries and delivering unparalleled wake surf experiences. To witness the evolution firsthand, schedule a demo with local Centurion dealer and experience the future of wake surfing with the Ri245.

2024 Ri245 Specs

  • Length: 24′ 6″
  • Beam: 102″
  • Draft: 36″
  • Weight: 5700 lbs
  • Weight on Trailer: 7300 lbs
  • Fuel Capacity: 89 gal
  • Seating Capacity: 16
  • Std Torque: 400 ft/lb
  • Max Torque: 500 ft/lb

2024 Ri245 Ballast
Total Available Ballast Capacity: 5650 lbs

  • PNP Bow Ballast: 500 LBS OPT
  • Bow Ballast Tank: 450 LBS STD
  • PNP Rear Ballast: 1500 LBS OPT
  • PNP Transom Ballast: 500 LBS OPT
  • Sub-floor Pumped Ballast: 2700 LBS STD | RAMFILL2 “Baller Ballast” OPT


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