January 6, 2023 (Merced, CA) – This year, when customers purchase a new Centurion at a Boat Show they will have the opportunity to look, sound and act the part of a Centurion boat owner by taking advantage of FREE upgrades available.

Customers who purchase their new boat at a Boat Show can choose one of three areas – Look, Sound or Act – for free upgrades. The specific options include the following.

To upgrade the LOOK, customers can mix and match any three of the following options:

  • Free Gel Coat Scheme Upgrade
  • Free Metal Flake Upgrade (1 color area)
  • Free 2nd Metal Flake Upgrade (2nd color area)
  • Free Non-standard Hull Base Color Upgrade
  • Free All Hex Upholstery Upgrade
  • Free Upgrade from BombShell 2.0 Sandblasted to Colored Racks.
  • Free Upgrade to Roswell High Definition 360 Square COLORED Mirror.

If SOUND is a priority, the customers can opt instead for one of these two upgrades:

  • Free Upgrade from Champ to Hero on a Battle Advance Tower.
  • Free Upgrade from Champ to CoverFire 2.0 on a DropZone Auto Tower.

Or, customers can mix and match any three of the ACT options:

  • Free 6-Way Power Seat Adjustor Upgrade
  • Free Flip Up Interior Port Stadium Seating Upgrade
  • Free Flip Up Interior Starboard Stadium Seating Upgrade
  • Free Plug-N-Play Bow Ballast Bag Upgrade
  • Free Plug-N-Play Rear TRANSOM Ballast Bag Upgrade
  • Free Heater 3 Outlet Upgrade
  • Free Techniq Underwater Transom LEDs Pair Upgrade

These free upgrades are only available at Boat Shows this winter and offer customers the opportunity to add some customization to their boat without spending extra. Boat Shows have always been a great way to meet your local dealers and see what’s available for the upcoming boating season. These free upgrade promotions offer customers incentives to get the boat they want in time to enjoy it this summer.

Download our upcoming Boat Show Calendars below:

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