A man performing a trick on a wakeboard behind a wakeboat.

JB ONeill

JB started wakeboarding in 2004 on Lake Travis. JB never really spent a lot of time competing, but instead he spent his time creating video parts of his riding. After multiple successful video parts that gained him the exposure needed to drive him forward into a successful watersports career. In 2020 he decided to start a new adventure by building a watersports YouTube channel with a goal to help grow our sport. Since starting his channel, JB has taught thousands of people to wakeboard and wakesurf through his online watersports tutorials. JB is continuing to create entertaining watersports content on his channel and has grown to become the largest and most watched towed watersports channel in the industry.

A man performing a trick on a wakesurf board behind a boat.

David OC

Dave started waterskiing at the age of 5 and then switched to wakeboarding at 10 years of age. At the time he thought it was a 'cooler' sport, however this transition ended up being a great decision for the Irishman. After competing in Europe throughout his early teens, he then came 2nd at the IWWF World Championships in the Junior Mens devision in 2010. This accelerated him into the pro devotion at the age of 17 and after multiple finals and podiums Dave found a love for film making. He combined making videos and wakeboarding which was the beginning of his YouTube channel. This became Dave's obsession and ever since he has managed to grow his channel year by year to be one of the biggest in the sport of wakeboarding.

A person performing a wakeboard stunt behind a wakesurf boat.

Taylor McCullough

Taylor started wakeboarding at 3 1/2 years old in Centralia, IL. Her favorite place to ride is on the Murray River in Yarrawonga, Victoria, AUS. Taylor’s favorite trick is an Indy tantrum or indy backroll. Prior to competing, Taylor employs the power of music, embracing diverse genres to find solace and calm her nerves, ensuring she performs at her absolute best.