(July 8, 2024) Merced, CA – Centurion Boats is thrilled to unveil the 2025 Fe23, the newest addition to our lineup of high-performance wake sports boats. Engineered to deliver unparalleled wake surfing experiences, the Fe23 is the perfect combination of size and performance for both professional athletes and weekend enthusiasts.

The Fe23 is designed to meet the needs of those who demand the best from their wake surfing adventures. At 23 feet in length, it hits the sweet spot for a wake surf boat, offering ample space and remarkable performance. Whether you aspire to compete on a professional level or simply want to enjoy a top-tier wake surfing experience with friends and family, the Fe23 has you covered. With a seating capacity of up to 14 people, this boat ensures everyone can join in on the fun.

The 2025 Fe23 isn’t just a boat; it’s a game-changer. Whether you’re chasing professional aspirations or just enjoying weekend adventures, the Fe23 delivers a wake surfing experience like no other. Its combination of size, customization options, and innovative features makes it the ultimate choice for those who demand the best.

Two people enjoy a day on the water; one is sitting on a boat in a pink swimsuit, and the other is in the water holding a wakeboard and about to climb onto the boat.

Experience the Fe23

The Fe23 is the boat everyone will love. It perfectly combines size and performance for both professional experiences and weekend dreamers. Want to compete? The Fe23 has the tools to match the pros. Just looking to improve your skills? It’s still the best ride for perfecting your performance and style. With 3150 pounds of standard sub-floor ballast, you can add an optional 2100 pounds for a total of 5250 pounds to create the waves you need for top-tier execution. Add the “Silent Stinger” wake plate to keep conversations going, and the RAMFILL2 “The Baller” to quickly fill and empty the ballast while underway. Customize the Fe23 to get the best out of your performance. The 2025 Fe23 is packed with cutting-edge features and options that set it apart from the competition:

RAMFILL 2 “The Baller”: This optional feature allows you to quickly fill and empty the ballast while underway, making it easy to adjust your wake on the fly and ensuring you get the perfect wave every time.
Opti-V Hull: The revolutionary hull design provides a smooth ride and superior wave control, ensuring the best possible wakesurf and wakeboard experiences.
Ballast: The Fe23 comes with as many as seven precisely placed ballast locations that, when you combine them all, equals 5250 pounds of ballast.
Fuel Efficiency: Centurion offers 50% better fuel efficiency than other sports boats on the market so whether you’re ready to ride behind a wave or just want to cruise your fuel usage is maximized.
Tower: The Battle Advance Tower by Roswell can be folded in less than a minute and its efficient design offers no shimmy or shake. The Roswell Patented CAM Over Latch design locks the hoop of the tower securely onto its base.

A person rides a wakeboard on the water, propelled by a motorboat with several people on board, near a rocky shoreline.

New Features and Options

Centurion Boats knows that every wake sports enthusiast has unique preferences, which is why the Fe23 is designed to be highly customizable. You can tailor your boat to perfectly suit your style and needs with a variety of colors and options. Choose from features like the new Centurion DoubleShift Driver Assist System (exclusive to Fe23 and Fe25) and the QuickSurf Pro System to enhance your wake surfing performance.

The new Centurion Fe23 offers a range of features and options to elevate your boating experience. It now includes the Centurion Chiseled Windshield with model designator and GatorStep single layer Shark Fin or Whiskey Barrel with deck and riser. The Wet Sounds stereo face mount on the driver’s side with volume knob and friction storage mats in charcoal add both convenience and style. Enjoy the removable soft-sided cooler by AO with a carbon finish, a ski pylon, and the Cobra Racing driver’s seat with swivel and SS flip-up bolster.

Like all Centurion boats, the Fe23 allows for extensive customization. You can choose from a wide array of colors and options to match your exact preferences. Opt for the DropZone Auto Tower by Roswell or the QuickSurf Pro System to enhance your wake sports experience. Add a single rear-facing camera to keep an eye on the action behind the boat without turning around. Flip-up transom seating options provide extra comfort and support, while the optional heated driver’s seat ensures you can enjoy your ride even on cooler mornings. The Centurion Evo Touch Vision Dash System, pull-up and pull-out cleats, and ratchet transom straps add further functionality. You can also upgrade your trailer with Boatmate’s 15″ FUEL Stingray alloy wheels, valence fenders, and 18″ 5L XD868 wheels with paintable inserts. Additional features include Techniq underwater transom LEDs in both standard and RGBw capable versions, the SewLong Surfing SunShade extension, and a single rear camera. Interior enhancements include flip-up stadium seating, an HD slide seat component table with leg storage, and the Centurion DoubleShift Driver Assist System for Fe23 and Fe25 models.

Unmatched Ballast Capabilities

The Fe23 boasts an impressive total available ballast capacity of 5250 lbs, ensuring you can create the perfect wake for any situation. The ballast system includes:

Standard Ballast: 3150 lbs
Optional Ballast: 2100 lbs

o PNP Bow Ballast: 350 lbs (optional)
o Bow Ballast Tank: 450 lbs (standard)
o PNP Rear Ballast: 1300 lbs (optional)
o PNP Transom Ballast: 450 lbs (optional)
o Sub-floor Pumped Ballast: 2700 lbs (standard) | RAMFILL 2 “The Baller” (optional)

Technical Specifications

Length: 23′
Beam: 102″
Draft: 36″
Fuel Capacity: 89 gal
People Capacity: 14
Dry Weight: 5300 lbs
Weight on Trailer: 6900 lbs
Standard Torque: 409 ft/lb
Max Torque: 465 ft/lb

Ready to Elevate Your Wake Surfing Experience?

Experience the thrill of wake surfing at its finest with the 2025 Fe23. This boat is designed to transform your time on the water, offering unmatched performance, comfort, and style. To learn more about the 2025 Fe23 or to schedule a test ride, find a dealer near you https://centurionboats.com/find-a-dealer/

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