Merced, CA (July 14, 2023) – The 2024 Fi25 boat was designed with a singular purpose in mind – to create the world’s best waves, wakes and ride for high performance wake surfing. By all accounts, the design delivers exactly what it promises.

Before the Fi25 takes command on the lake, this hand-built work of art takes 10 working days to complete as it is inspected each step along the way. Every time we build a boat, we approach it as if it were for a family member, because once you own a Centurion you are part of our family. Our craftsmen take pride in what they build and strive to give you the best possible experience on the water. The features included in our Fi Series reflect this dedication to craft, and our deep understanding of what enhances your experience on the water.

Look no further! There are two different gel coat schemes (Core and Slice) available for the Fi Series in 2024. You can choose from 37 gel coat colors to populate multiple color areas on the boat and create that custom look that is yours alone. For the 2024 model year you can also choose Optional Colored Roswell Vents, Designators, BombShell 2.0 Racks and or the HD 360 Square Mirror, in 18 different colors. With all of the custom color choices on a Centurion you really can design your boat to be one in a billion. Not only does the Fi25 scream performance with its lines, but it can also be your signature on the water with the colors you choose.The Fi25 is as stylish on the interior as it is fierce on the water. The beautifully appointed Fi Series accent stitching is available in seven different colors, empowering you to customize the look of your boat. Made by GoreTex for extreme strength and longevity, it’s one of those extra touches that define Centurion. Functionality is as much a priority as comfort in the Fi25 and that shows with the new Walkthrough Trash Shoot with Receptacle that is easily accessible in the observer storage area. Another practical touch users will appreciate is the new, easy to use Battery Management System with PDM Reset Panel – located in the glovebox alongside one of four USB/USB C Combo Power Outlets available throughout the Fi.

The Fi25 is designed for those who plan to spend long hours on the water and want a comfortable performance machine. With room for up to 16 people, an abundance of features and luxury appointments, and the best waves, wakes and ride that you will find, it makes a great home away from home for a full day on the water.

The Fi25 comes with as many as seven precisely placed ballast locations that, when combined, create 5600-pounds of ballast. But large ballast capacity isn’t the complete story. We do ballast a little differently by distributing it evenly throughout the boat. This even distribution displaces weight along the entire running surface of this 25-foot performance machine, resulting in a longer wave and a balanced running attitude, front to back, with virtually no bow rise to distract the driver. This is the kind of edge we believe makes a world of difference in your experience as the operator.

We love the fact that Centurion offers more than 50% better fuel efficiency than any other water sports boat in the game today. After all, better fuel efficiency means more time on the water and a less expensive ride for you. But how can we be so much more fuel efficient? It’s the design. Centurion’s Opti-V may be a modified deep-v hull designed to maximize displacement, but the running surface has a lot of lift built into it. This eliminates drag and creates balance for less resistance, meaning the engine doesn’t have to work as hard to push a Centurion through the water whether it is weighted to ride or set-up for a cruise.

We have a nickname for the available RAMFILL² ballast system. We call it the “Baller.” It’s a nearly maintenance free system that offers 2800 pounds – plus of ballast capacity that fills in 90 seconds. With its four stainless steel two-inch valves (two in two out) bolted through to the flanges, anything plastic is eliminated. The large sub-floor tanks extend from the helm to the transom on each side of the lounge. This just adds to the well-distributed ballast placement and helps create longer waves with consistent push from the face to the curl crash. Baller, indeed.

A close up of a blue and white wakesurf boat with a grill on the side.

In our Centurion 2024 Fi Series models the standard PANO Side by Side (SxS) HD Touch Vision Dash System by Enovation has two 12” x 4” panoramic screens mounted side by side. They function as one large screen or two independent screens, enabling the driver to see and control every system at once. The Corvette-styled Centurion C8 Steering Wheel offers a perfect grip without obstructing the driver’s view of the digital dash. In addition to controlling the Wet Sounds Stereo, the optional QuickSurf Pro, RAMFILL², RGB lighting and the Silent Stinger Wake Plate, the PANO dash offers Inspection Mode. Inspection Mode enables the operator to toggle off Auto Drain for ease of inspection at Aquatic Invasive Species (AIS) checkpoints.

Centurion’s Range of View (ROV) Camera and Fuel Usage System is available on all Fi Models. This optional Fi package includes both a bow and a stern 180-degree POV camera for exceptional visibility and convenience. The video from these cameras displays on the port-side PANO screen on either side of the speedometer. The ROV cameras can be viewed simultaneously or one at a time on the Fi Series. It is also possible to overlay the fuel usage data or monitor per-trip fuel consumption separately. The optional Centurion ROV extends your range of view both literally and figuratively as it lets you view your surroundings while offering valuable insight into your boat’s functionality.

A wakesurf boat near a rocky cliff.

Inside the Fi25 is a PCM engine that is 100% freshwater cooled. This means easy winterization and longevity for the owner. The ZZ5 5.3L GM engine yanks riders up with 400 lb-ft of torque thanks to Centurion’s PowerPull System that combines a specially matched gear reduction with a 4-blade 17” x 15.5” prop. The ZZ5 engine is another example Centurion fearlessly innovating systems for wake surfing.

If you’re a wake warrior planning to put in a lot of time on the water, the Fi25 is the ideal boat for you. Designed with high performance wake surfing in mind, we have included thoughtful features and options to keep you comfortable while you push your performance limits and hone your style. The Fi25 offers a unique style that leaves no doubt about its purpose, and it’s designed to accommodate up to 16 like-minded people. There are up to 5600 pounds of available ballast, evenly distributed throughout the 2024 Fi25. The panoramic Touch HD double screens enable the driver to easily control everything without distraction or disruption and the optional ROV (Range of View) expands the safety factor by providing views of everything around the boat. The standard Battle Advance Tower offers a retro look and racks ready to hold all your gear. Bluetooth ready, the Battle Advance Tower also has integrated speaker options that will enhance your on-water experience and enable you to listen to your favorite playlist while you push your skill level. We’ve thought it all out for you!

A wakeboat with a motor attached to it.

2024 Fi25 Specs:

Length: 25’
Beam: 102”
Draft: 36″
Weight: 5600 lbs
Weight on Trailer: 7200 lbs
Fuel Capacity: 92 gal
Seating Capacity: 16
Std Torque: 400 ft/lb
Max Torque: 465 ft/lb

2024 Fi25 Ballast:
Total Available Ballast Capacity: 5600 LBS

  • PNP Bow Ballast: 500 LBS OPT
  • Bow Ballast Tank: 450 LBS STD
  • PNP Rear Ballast: 1400 LBS OPT
  • PNP Transom Ballast: 450 LBS OPT
  • Sub-floor Pumped Ballast: 2800 LBS STD | RAMFILL2 “The Baller” OPT


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