Our hope on this “Giving Tuesday” is that you choose to spread positive change to your family, your community and our world through Centurion’s We Wake Waves movement. As a Correct Craft Company, Centurion Boats is committed to helping make your life better by creating a lasting purpose-filled experience for you, your family and friends through the We Wake Waves movement.


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About Operation Wake Surf: Our mission is to provide an unforgettable and unique experience to the first responders and military personnel who keep our communities and country safe. Operation Wake Surf (OWS) blends the healing power of water, camaraderie and mentorship via our compassionate coaches by sharing our passion for wake surfing with first responders and military personnel. This gives our participants an amazing experience on the water while instilling community, confidence, camaraderie and the respect they deserve. To make a donation to Operation Wake Surf, go here.


About Operation Get Out: Operation Get Out (OGO) was founded to provide the experiences and resources people need to intentionally utilize nature and water for positive mental and physical wellness. The inspiration for OGO came through the tragic loss of two Austin Area first responders who used the water for their own respite and release. StarFlight nurse Kristin McLain died during a rescue, and Senior Deputy, Jessica Hollis, died during a flood response, but their legacy of service lives on through the empowerment OGO events perpetuate. The OGO Team is dedicated to intentional exposure to water in an outdoor environment as medicine for first responders, military, women, youth, and surviving partners who are dealing with PTS, loss, trauma, depression and anxiety. To make a donation to Operation Get Out, go here.


About Heroes Tour: Heroes Tour provides a unique opportunity and experience for Law Enforcement, Firefighters, Emergency Response personnel, Military, Veterans and their family members, to gather and participate in on-water activities. We strongly believe that these on-water experiences have the ability to heal an individual’s mind, body and spirit while allowing the family and group to live, laugh and love together. To make a donation to heroes Tour, go here.


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About We Wake Waves: At Centurion & Supreme Boats we wake waves of positive change in our families, at our factory, in our community and in our world. We want to empower our family of owners to wake those waves a positive change in their lives and we want to showcase those efforts.  Waves of change are awakened, they’re not made. They are lying just below the surface. All it takes is something as simple and small as a single drop of water on a still calm lake to summon a wave. We support all effort towards positive waves of change behind, in and around Centurion and Supreme boats. What’s your wave? Wake it! https://www.centurionboats.com/we-wake-waves

If you are interested in waking waves of positive change with your Centurion boat, please email info@centurion-supreme.com and we will provide you with a We Wake Waves tool kit complete with Centurion Salute to Service gear, a calendar of existing We Wake Waves events you can support, and a fact sheet about creating a We Wake Waves experience of your own, as well as Water Sports Warrior challenge coins for you to honor those you recognize waking waves of positive change.

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