(June 13, 2024) Johnson City, Tennessee – “Today was the greatest day.” Sentiments like this were shared all day Wednesday by the five heroes at the Salute to Service event presented by Centurion, Operation Wake Surf, and CBK Watersports in Johnson City, Tennessee. Among the five heroes in attendance, two are paramedics, one is a police officer, one is an Army veteran, and the other is a United States Marine veteran. Each had the opportunity to get out on the water in an Operation Wake Surf-branded Centurion Ri265 for an impactful day of surfing, camaraderie, and fun.

“We are stoked for our heroes,” shared Robby Maschhaupt, Founder and President of Operation Wake Surf, when talking about watching the heroes enjoy their time on the water. “This is why we do what we do.”

Retired surfer Raya Walker and surfer JRob Terry, who will be competing in the Volunteer Wake Surf Classic this weekend, donated their time and expertise to our heroes, helping them feel comfortable on the water and teaching them to surf. The two military heroes, who fought for our country in Fallujah, learned about Centurion’s Adaptive division and had the opportunity to experience wake surfing firsthand.

Toby Wells, a hero who participated in the Salute to Service event, shared, “I cannot adequately explain how much of an impact you guys made on me yesterday! Thank you for ‘Paying it forward’ and providing this amazing opportunity for service members and first responders!”

At Centurion, we wake waves of positive change in our families, at our factory, and in our community. More than that, we want to empower our family of owners, ambassadors, athletes, and dealers to wake those waves of positive change in their lives. Hosting Salute to Service events before each Centurion World Series of Wake Surfing competition, honoring those who serve our country and communities, is one of the ways we wake waves with local dealers like CBK Watersports and charities like Operation Wake Surf.

Since 2012, Operation Wake Surf has dedicated its efforts to hosting experiences for first responders and military personnel. Operation Wake Surf’s mission is to provide an unforgettable and unique experience to first responders and military personnel who keep our communities and country safe.

The Salute to Service event impacted all who attended. Amidst laughter and gratitude, the heroes were celebrated for their bravery, selflessness, and unwavering commitment to their communities and our country. These five heroes, and all like them, make our water sports lifestyles possible. We will continue to salute them with our appreciation.

Stay tuned for more as the Volunteer Wake Surf Classic, presented by CBK Watersports, kicks off on Friday, June 14!


About Operation Wake Surf: Operation Wake Surf blends the healing power of water, camaraderie and mentorship via our compassionate coaches by sharing our passion for wake surfing with first responders and military personnel. This gives our participants an amazing experience on the water while instilling community, confidence, camaraderie and the respect they deserve. Our mission is to provide an unforgettable and unique experience to the first responders and military personnel who keep our communities and country safe.

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