Centurion & Supreme Boats had the privilege of waking waves of positive change at Operation Get Out’s 9th Annual Get Out Girl Surf & Paddle Jam with Austin Area Dealer, The Ski Dock, September 24th and 25th on Lake Austin in Texas. This empowering women’s event was created in honor and in memory of Austin, Texas Travis County female first responders Kristin McLain and Jessica Hollis. Both Kristin and Jessica utilized nature and water for their own mental and emotional wellness, and now Operation Get Out shares that legacy as a 501c3 whose mission is to provide events, outings, and resources to intentionally utilize nature and water for positive mental, emotional, and physical wellness impact. Get Out Girls Surf & Paddle Jam does just that through a very inspiring and empowering event.

Saturday’s Surf Jam welcomed 116 women to wake surf behind 16 boats. Austin Area Centurion & Supreme Boats Dealer, The Ski Dock, coordinated 11 Centurion, two Supreme and three other boats. Each boat was filled with 6-8 participants, a female ambassador, coach, and a driver. They wake surfed up and down Lake Austin for nearly five hours. As participants in each boat got to know each other, they realized their backgrounds and water sports experience levels varied greatly, but the joy and peace they all gained was absolute. Many were current or retired military, first responders or front line workers. Nearly half of the women were learning to wake surf for the first time. Saturday was an amazing day of empowerment for everyone involved!

Sunday’s Paddle Jam welcomed five of the Centurions and Supremes back out on the water to support over 200 lady paddlers as they journeyed as much 11 miles to the Lake Austin Dam and back. The Centurions and Supremes coordinated by Ski Dock acted as hydration stations as well as providing snacks and card draws for participants’ poker hands. Ski Dock Waverunners as well as other local boat owners, two Austin Fire Water Rescue Zodiacs and Austin Lake Patrol supported on the water, looking for any women who needed assistance or just a short break from paddling. There were many groups within the group like DFW Surf from Dallas, TX. They all provided support to each other with encouraging words and a competitive drive to finish. White flowers were spread during the Paddle Out for individuals to honor others during their journey and Travis County StarFlight led the women out at the start.

Shelby Hollis, a local nurse, friend, mother, wife and Centurion boat owner, took that sentiment even further by towing a paddle board adorned with flowers, a Thin Blue Line Flag and a US Flag to honor and remember her husband’s previous wife, Jessica Hollis, near the 8th anniversary of her death. Jessica died on duty as a Senior Deputy at the Travis County Sheriff’s Office during a flood on Lake Austin at the low water crossing where many paddlers exited for the optional one way 5.5-mile paddle.

When asked about Centurion & Supreme Boats’ support of Operation Get Out and the Get Out Girl Surf & Paddle Jam, Amy Mauzy, VP of Marketing and Brand Development, responded this way: “As a Correct Craft Company we build boats to the Glory of God and we believe God’s Glory is most amazingly reflected in people. Service events like the OGO Surf and Paddle Jam are an example of this result. Being the reflection of God’s Glory or being someone it shines on, makes life better. We build Centurion and Supreme boats so we can support events like this and make lives better.”

“Operation Get Out’s mission is to inspire and empower individuals and organizations to intentionally utilize nature and water as a scientifically-validated wellness tool. When we become aware of the power within that tool and then are also supported by family and friends who know it is one of our wellness tools, there is so much power – and healing – that can then be realized in it,” said Cindy Present, Executive Director of Operation Get Out. “Get Out Girl Surf & Paddle Jam is an amazing event that inspires and empowers women and girls of all ages to Get Out, Get Active and Get Connected. And when that energy comes together with over 200 like-minded and similar-spirited women on the water together, amazing things happen for the mind, body and spirit.”

About Operation Get Out: Operation Get Out (OGO), a 501c3, was founded to provide the experiences and resources for individuals and organizations to intentionally utilize nature and water for positive mental, emotional, and physical wellness. The inspiration for OGO came through the tragic loss of two Austin Area first responders who used the water for their own respite and release. StarFlight nurse Kristin McLain died during a rescue, and Senior Deputy, Jessica Hollis, died during a flood response, but their legacy of service lives on through the empowerment OGO events perpetuate. The OGO Team is dedicated to intentional exposure to nature and water as medicine for first responders, military, women, youth, and surviving partners who are dealing with PTS, loss, trauma, depression, and anxiety. To learn more visit www.operationgetout.org.

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