The Centurion Fi Series is purpose built, like a fighter jet or a sports car. It has one purpose, and that purpose is high performance. We make no apologies for that. The Fi is for those wake sport warriors who push through to the next level, who don’t quit, who are always striving for better. That’s why the Fi Series was designed to produce the best waves and wakes while providing an unmatched rough water ride. When our engineers designed the Fi Series, they examined every aspect of this boat with a mindset of Fearless Innovation. From its sleek stature to a transom designed to deflect rollers, everything about the Fi Series was designed through that performance seeking filter. The only decision you need to make is which performance model is a match for you.

2024 Fi25 | 25 FEET | SEATING: 16 PEOPLE | FUEL: 92 GALLONS

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2024 Fi23 | 23 FEET | SEATING: 14 PEOPLE | FUEL: 89 GALLONS

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The ultimate water sports warrior's experience

You can’t get enough. More rides, better performance, perfect wakes. We get it. You’re the kind of person who refuses to quit when everyone else is done. The Fi Series is built for you. These machines are performance warriors built to deliver exactly what you want. Dial in your perfect wave or wake. Tackle the big water without fear and enjoy the view when you drive because they are designed to help you see all around you. Top it off with remarkable fuel efficiency and these aren’t just well-oiled machines, they are the best of the best.