Kenzie Hickey, a girl, holding a surfboard in the water with a rainbow in the background.

Kenzie Hickey

Surf  |  Juniors Surf






Lake Nacimiento, CA

Kenzie started wake surfing at the age of 5, but has loved being on and in the water since birth. Her interest and passion was undeniable from the start, she is a true mermaid at heart. She started competing in 2020 and has grown leaps and bounds since. Kenzie loves to be challenged while also having fun. In the off season Kenzie loves to snowboard. Without the support of her board builder Blusurf, Centurion Boats, family, friends and sponsors, she wouldn’t be where she is today. The skies the limit and Kenzie has big goals for her future in wake surfing.

Kenzie's Sponsors

Centurion Boats | Blusurf | Bohner Lacefield Marine | Shreddy Lyfe | Jetpilot