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I was born, raised, and currently live in Utah. As a kid in the summers my family went to the lake daily. I was pushed by my father to ski and learned to love the sport as I grew older. I graduated in Civil Engineering from the University of Utah, however, I now work as a baker. I am a third generation baker. My grandfather started the original Parsons’ Bakery and my father owns and operates another bakery were I work each day. Water skiing and baking have become complimentary for me. While in skiing I am always trying to find a new ski shape and settings, at the bakery I am always changing my recipes to get the best bread. Baking artisan bread and pastries by morning and waterskiing by afternoon is my daily schedule.

The Yeti

Carbon Pro

Goode Nano 1

Why do you ski Centurion?
The Centurion Carbon Pro’s sport specific design has brought me piece of mind. No other boat company is designing boats specifically for 3-event tournament waterskiing. I choose Centurion because I want to the boat made for the job, a 3-event tournament waterski boat. For slalom, the Carbon Pro is lighter and has a cleaner wake then any boat out there. There is no frothy-white water, no big troughs, or roostertails that would adversely effect my skiing.

Goode Ski Technologies, Camaro Wetsuits, Marine Products Pro Shop Home Lake/River Sunten Lakes, Tooele, UT

I’ve had one goal for the past few years which I think is attainable. Running 41 off in a tournament is something I strive for each year.

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