We've Got Your Number

The Centurion “We’ve Got Your Number” promotion is a deal that will get you the World’s best waves, wakes and ride as well as the best price. By purchasing a 2019 Centurion this show season through the “We’ve Got Your Number” Boat Show promotion you can get a towboat built on the Opti-V hull with 20 degrees of deadrise, as much as 5550 pounds of available ballast, the 90-second RAMFILL ballast system, 26 feet of wave, the 1.8 second transferring QuickSurf Pro, 50% better fuel efficiency, the 86.5 decibels of quiet thanks to the Patented Silent Stinger Wake Plate and save $5,000 off MSRP.

Centurion Boats Hull

With a deposit placed at your local boat show or with your nearest Centurion Boats dealer and a purchase confirmed within two weeks of that deposit, you can realize this incredible savings. Take advantage of the Centurion “We’ve Got Your Number” promotion at a boat show near you or head in to see your local Centurion Boats Dealer today.

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