The inception of every Centurion boat begins with performance. Not just high performance, but the kind of professional-level water sports prowess that leaves no doubt about the industry leader. The Deep-V Hull’s running surface is the foundation of Centurion’s dominant performance. Supported by relentlessly innovated wake enhancement and the high power of Pleasure Craft Marine, Centurion performance is the sum of its dominant parts. Centurion’s Deep-v Hull churns-up perfectly shaped waves and wakes fully customizable with Asymmetric Wing adjustment and hull deflection with Centurion Articulating Tracking System (CATS).

The RAMFILL ballast system displaces massive amounts of water for the ideal wakes and waves in as little as 30 seconds. Mix in connivence and versatility with Centurion’s new QuickSurf Pro. Surf the port or starboard side, even transferring midsession, while running completely level. The power behind all of this performance is your choice of GM engines marinized by PCM and optimized for Centurion boats.

<strong>Deep V</strong> Hull Technology

Deep V Hull Technology

The industry standard is set here. There are no compromises if you choose a Centurion boat with Deep-V hull technology. The unparalleled wake generation of the Deep-V hull requires less ballast weight to provide the ultimate waves for wake boarding and wake surfing. The design also features the best ride in the watersport market.



    The Centurion Articulating Tracking System (CATS) provides an unprecedented level of adjustability in your wave shape, size and control of your boat.



      The largest displacement quickest filling ballast system ever invented, RAMFILL. This displacement monster fills in about half a minute to kick-up the surf waves and wakeboard wakes pros dream of.

        <strong>QUICKSURF PRO</strong>


        Centurion’s QuickSurf Pro moves World Championship waves from side to side with a touch; in a surf boat weighted equally for comfortable level operation. Watch the QuickSurf Pro intro video! With a transfer time of mere seconds, QuickSurf Pro can satisfy a surfer’s desire for a left or right wave, even mid-session through the Touch Vision System. QuickSurf Pro also offers adjustable wave shape and length. The curved stainless steel leading-edge blade design innovates typical “bolt-on” surf solutions with smooth water contact specifically engineered to compliment the high performance of Centurion’s Deep-V wake surfing hull. Centurion Boats continues to shred the cutting edge of wake surfing with innovations like the all new QuickSurf Pro. Visit your nearest Centurion Boats dealer or your local Centurion Boat Show this winter to experience the innovative convenient performance of QuickSurf Pro.

          <strong>PCM Engines</strong>

          PCM Engines

          For well over three decades, Pleasurecraft® Marine Engine Company (PCM®) has been building inboard engines designed specifically for inboard watersports boats. From the beginning, the company has been true to its mission, which is to build the highest quality, longest lasting, and top performing watersports engines available. PCM’s intense focus on inboard excellence has led PCM to be recognized year after year has having the highest level of customer satisfaction in the industry. Most importantly, PCM has created green, environmentally friendly engines, without sacrificing their outstanding performance and durability.

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