Comfort Strong Interior

Gel coat colors decorating the exterior can spill onto the floor and seat bases accented by custom-colored fiberglass interior side panels. Beautifully comfortable upholstery picks-up were the gel coat leaves off with soft durable Spradling Marine Vinyl stitched with strong element and chemical-proof GORE® TENARA® Sewing Thread made by GORE-TEX®.


Centurion craftsmanship is as much about sound as it is look and feel. Silence denotes precision and each Centurion boat is “inside voice” quiet on the interior. You can have a normal noise-level conversation even with the boat underway. Centurion’s Integrated Composite System (ICS) bonds the hull, substructure, floor and deck at a molecular level with the space age adhesive ITW Plexus. Thanks to this unibody construction, Centurion boats are the strong silent type.

Artisan Gel Coat

28 distinct artistically applied gel coat colors fill unique schemes sure to draw attention on the lake. The Centurion shine is unmistakable and designated automotive quality through independent testing.

Shoebox Fit

Centurion’s unique Reverse Shoebox design fits the boat deck edge inside an upturned flange at the hull’s edge. This design eliminates the possibility of water intrusion. Bonded together as an integral part of ICS the Reverse Shoebox helps make Centurion boats the strongest, most leak resistant boats in the world.

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